Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not all who wander are lost

At the back of the truck in one scene in the Wolverine movie, while Hugh Jackman was running around naked, I saw this sticker. Hey, I am a man okay, what need do I to concentrate on Hugh's butt. My wife was doing it enough for the two of us.

I googled it when I came back home and found that the wording came from a Tolkien, J.R.R. Tolkien, not Christopher Tolkien in Fellowship of the King. It must have slipped my reading as I have read it long ago and I usually skip the poem part of my Lord of the Rings triliogy book. Especially when there is some singing  or poem reading involve. You can google it yourself for the full poem or go buy the book. Mine is already too dogeared as I have it since secondary school.

It is a very powerful phrase that stuck with me because it is about travel and life all roll into one phrase. The word 'wander' does not necessarily mean you need to move somewhere. You can be at one place and still wander. Even if you are sitting down you can wander.

And wanders mean you are walking around with no real plan going anywhere.

As for me, why I love the phrase is of course my dream of wandering around the world one day with no real plan of going anywhere. With my love one...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wearing the same shirt

I did a posting once on how a man dressed himself which you can access here which is basically the sniff and wear type of choosing one's wardrobe. Usually it happens when you are a bachelor in which you rarely like to spend money on something not really essential such as washing clothes. When the smell becomes too unbearable, then you either do some washing or yousend it to the laundry.

However, do you ever recycle back what you have worn? Meaning you wore it for an hour or so going for dinner, then you went home then put the back into the wardrobe for future use, as if it is part of the clean laundry?

I have and I am still doing it. Especially if I used it once and then there is no spill or no smell. Nothing makes it any different from the last time you hang it up. I bet the ladies will never do this and it will not just due to what makes an outfit unwearable. I bet it is more about being seen in the same outfit twice.

Hey, we do want to save the earth and all that right? There are perfumes...

So, I am doing it for the sake of the earth

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In the buff

...another way to put it, being naked at the comfort of your own home. Bedroom?

It begs the question, how comfortable are you with your own body that you are willing to walk around naked especially if you are living with only your wife and your small kids. Recommended if you are newly married and you know that you will be at it in no time from the last 2 hours. I think being naked whenever you feel like it is not a given thing in all household. Of course, there are those who live with their parents or have kids who are growing up, but the question begging to be answered is will you be naked 24-7, except for a few occasion if you are given a chance. Not a nudist colony but just with your loved one.

In my bachelor days I remember when among friends we joked that when we are married we would ask our other half to always be ready and naked every time they enter the house. When we did get married, it doesn't so easy, huh...

Maybe this is again a TMI posting but just for the record, some of the postings I posted before does not necessarily something that I do but sometimes are just observations of things that people do.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring cleaning

Although I was too busy studying, last weekend as the sun was shining and I was in the mood, my wife and I decided to spring clean our whole house. And guess who felt happy the most as we piled up the carpets and taking up spaces. We also threw out all the junks that we have been accumulating for years. I repaired the door to the wardrobe which had managed to tore itself loose and moved all the stuff into it.  In the end, we managed to lessen our clutters and made sure all items are stil;l within easy reach.

All this was done after waiting for several months for a good time to do it. I think we managed this as we had a good supervisor while we were cleaning....


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ever wonder what would happen when you got married then you become alone again.

Either through the dreaded 'D' word or due to unwanted circumstances such as death to your spouse.

A few of my friends have been through both and trying to reconnect again with friends you have left behind as you concentrate trying to build a successful marriage until sometimes you make your friends feel isolated especially when you have kids AND a successful career. Then one day, WHAM!!! You are alone again.

I think sympathy is the least of what they want but more of someone to understand that they need a friend then. As they have left the dating scene for quite some times, they will need to realign their priorities. Some just delved back into work or studies. Some just throw themselves back into the scene as if they never left. Some just gave up on love (which I consider is bad whether they manage it well or not)

I hope I never have to go through it, EVER.... (but, never say never)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chick lit

I try not to read pop culture chick-lit like those written by Danielle Steel, Candace Bushnell or Sophie Kinsella. Its not that these books are not interesting but I do think this is like looking through women magazines. As I like to read everywhere to finish a book, I will be hard pressed trying to finish these books. Just like women magazine, a man would seems to be a bit uncultured reading women magazine. But, seriously, they just don't appeal to me as I don't really understand the thinking of women.

I do love a few titles like the one written from the male's prespective by Mitch Albom and sometimes I do find books written by women to be just the thing that I need after a hard days work. I love the book of J.K. Rowling though not to the type of frenzy that I would line up to get the first earliest copy in store. I read them just for the sake of knowing what the hoopla were all about but I actually have not read the last 2 books of the Harry Potter series. The movie later this year and the last one which is supposed to be 2 movies might clear help.

Come to think of it, I managed to influence my wife to read more of my type of books which borders more on fantasy and science fiction like those by Terry Pratchett and an occasional Stephen Kings (as she hates horror). Maybe if I really don't have anything to read, then I may read these chick lits...

* Don't blame me for calling them chick lits. Even some bookstores do refer them as such

Friday, April 24, 2009


I once told my fellow business partners of how I was instructed by the doctors who were trying to make us pregnant that I have to try to make love at certain time the night before we were scheduled to have a few procedures with them to ensure that we have a good chance of conceiving. 

As all my business partners are ladies who I have known for more than 5 years and are quite open about everything, talking about sex are not considered that unheard of. So, I was telling them the detail of how we have been trying and the procedures that we have to go through. However, when the talk was about how we need to try it at certain positions illicit a comment from one of them that she thought the issue is considered as T.M.I. Too much information....

I was like "Huh?!!". I asked her how come when they were telling me about how they went for check-ups and telling us those stories about what was ailing them or how they were delivering their babies or how they had to go through certain procedures which only women are willing to go through was any different? Being one of the few males in the office usually does not leave me much choice except to accept that as part and parcel of having an office full with women.

Maybe when the issue is sex, most people thinks that we better keep it in the bedroom...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here come the sun

I was in a town in Western Australia called Freemantle once and there were these sidewalk cafes lining up its main street. These cafes are usually full during the hot season and my friend who lives in Perth and was entertaining us on our excursion there, told us an amazing tale.

He said, you can easily spot the Asians and the Westerners in these cafes during summer. 

Most of the Westerners will sit at the tables which face the sun and revel in feeling the heat of the sun on their skin...

The Asians?

They are the one who try to be under the shades as much as possible...

We Asian still think the sun is too hot anywhere we are in the world...and oh, these Asian I am mentioning are those who lives near the equator, like in countries in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Those with 4 seasons may still opt for the sun...

..and that friend? He is an Asian from Malaysia and has been living there for nearly 10 years already.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My wife is my muse

Before you start to say I am a romantic or something to that effect, have you ever seen a happy muse? Why I say my wife is my muse is due to our adverserial nature. We love arguments. We built our love on argument. We would never say just yes to each other. We would at least say a bit more than we intended and then some. We argued so constantly that people sometimes wonder whether we are in a fight when we are eating at a restaurant or anywhere public. In truth, we are just talking.

My wife does not have a family which is like mine in which everyone has to make a stand in everything that they believe in. Coupled with me being a lawyer, I sometimes get on my wife's nerve in my earlier days of being married to her that she always thought I am too snobbish for my own good (which is true to a certain extent)

So, as I write everyday in these two blogs, the one that you are reading and my other blog - Legal Cat-asthrophe I need as many topics I can get for the postings. And believe me when nearly half of the things that I wrote in there, even some of the legal thing are thanks to her. She really know how to give me ideas and surprised me even with what she knows of certain subject. I do refer certain matters to her expecially on anything to do with insurance as she has been in that industry for nearly close to 20 years but she also give me the best topics to blog about. And as for this blog, nearly all of the posts are dedicated to her...

My Muse...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

His/her scent....

All those perfumes up there. Half of them are mine (that two cats were doing some inspection)

How long I can keep a perfume without finishing a bottle? Since I got married, meaning I still have the perfume which was the gift from my wife (as Malay, we exchange certain things on our wedding day). When did I got married? 2003

As for the other half which are my wife?

Most of them were bought in 2008 and nearly half of them have a quarter or less of the bottle left.

And I am not the only men who does this, it seems...

Monday, April 20, 2009

U 2 huh?

What the hell were they thinking? Building a futuristic looking building in a town like Dublin? I thought any places in United Kingdom (yes, yes, I know Ireland is not England, but they are a part of Great Britain) are supposed to have buildings which is not supposed to be as funny looking as what U2 Tower will looks like. Hmmm...., maybe I am wrong.

Having a brand new album nowadays called No Line on the Horizon with a cover album looking like this :


do make the buliding project seems apt right? I mean, a building being build near a dock and is going to be one of Dublin's new landmark.

U2 was also one of my subject in my other blog, which is a business blog, which you can access here about how in business sometimes people really are just playing around but manage to make millions if not billions. U2 were forms by school kids playing instruments and now look where they are.

Even their nickname are cool. And now, they have a BUILDING?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Movie adaptations kill books by the dozen...

I am trying to win a pair of tickets to watch this movie called Angels and Demons in which the weirdly haired (simply said, weird hair) Tom Hanks of the Da Vinci Code returns reprising his role as Dr. Robert Langdon in a sequel which is to delve deeper into what is Illuminati. Illuminati was also used once by Lara Croft in Tomb Raider in which Angelina Jolie managed to talk to his dead father who was part of the Illuminati in that movie.  You do know that Langdon's supposed profession does not exist? I bet my shorts even the way Illuminati is written has meaning in that movie. Illuminati is supposed to look like this in their special font :-

When movies like this happen, in which comic books or books are adapted for the screen, it made even little old me, feel a bit lazy in reading the book. I read Da Vinci Code but I was not a fanatic after reading it. Theories are fine for dinner table discussion but when a friend asked me how she was deeply affected by the book and asked me what I know about what the theory which was put in the book is true or not, I frankly told her I don't really believe it at all. When I went to the Louvre in 2005, I remembered seeing the pyramid made of glass but was not that impressed by it. It was beautiful and everything, but my office overlooks Sunway Pyramid, so a modern pyramid is just not that impressive.

Another anticipated movie of the year is Harry Potter which will be the last 2 instalments of most teenagers favourite wizard. Again, although I love the way J.K. Rowling writes, I am too lazy to read the last two Harry Potter books. And yes, I know, in that book an important character dies. I'll just wait for the movie.

So, in short, I really hope to get the movie tickets as I will never read the novel no matter how good they say it is (psstt...Dan Brown is not that good a writer anyway. I'll stick to Stephen King and Terry Pratchett, thank you). This contest I am entering needs me to advertise the contest to the whole of Malaysia blogosphere. Here is the link - Advertlets' Angels and Demons contest.
p/s - They ARE giving away cameras for the best post which are voted by the blog's fans. I'm not trying to win that. Just the tickets.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

When was the last time as married men, we choose our own clothings?

As I was growing up, I have seen it repeated countless time when my mother will lay out the clothes for my father to wear and he will just wear whatever that my mother had laid there. I was then trained by her to NOT be like that as I was taught how to wash my own clothes and how to iron those clothes. All this started when I became a boarding school student. Being the last boy in the family with my mother losing hope of finally having a daughter, I was the one that she trained to be at least not a burden to my would be wife, then.

Alas, it was not meant to be. I turned into any testerone filled man who couldn't resist football, ladies and all those bad influences that men had to contend with while living in this world. I turned to the dark side. Even the skill of such basic things such as how to put clothes into the washing machine or hanging them out to dry was lost in the pampering I receive as the man of the house. Only the saving grace of seeing her being tired after cooking made me sign a contract to wash the dishes after.

Even the handkerchief is her choice of colour

As for clothes, I only know my wardrobe for the week when I opened my closet. Sometimes I only knew of some 'lost' shirts being sent off to orphanage or some poor cousin when I couldn't seem to find them and asked her. Sometimes, she just let those shirt she thinks are due for such treatment hangs when the buttons came loose and I asked her to sew it back.

In short, I may buy my own shirt (still!) but I don't control what I wear anymore. 

Anyone else?

Friday, April 17, 2009

I have this new song in my mind : 3OH!3's Don't Trust Me

Every other month or week, depending on my mood, I will have this song which seems to stuck on my mind. Usually it is a pop song which being played over and over again until it becomes an overkill. This few weeks, the song by 3OH!3, a group which used the Area Code of Boulder, Colarado, US of A, as it's name, had me cranking up the speaker and singing along in my out of tune voice. 

Usually I will be attracted to a song either for it's infectious melody or it's lyrics. In this case, it was both. Then when I was looking for the lyric in the internet, I found out that it was by the same person who had made songs for Panic at the Disco and such. No wonder they have nearly the same tune and I actually can see how people dance to this song especially the part of "Shush girl, shut your lips, Do the Helen Keller, and talk with your lips..." in which the whole dance floor will raise their hands up to their front and try to gyrate their hips.

That Helen Keller is genius though I bet half of the earth population will googled the words first before understanding what the lyrics require them to do (present company included). And just to shed some light, she is the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor in Art and was an activist. But I will still wonder how can one's tongue be on the inside of some other girl's teeth. That may require some skills....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I couldn't sleep but I didn't watch the game..., I must be old already.

 In my younger days, when I was still a young married man, my wife had to be contended with me waking up at 2.30am to watch the football games beamed down by satellite from Europe, in which my television will switch on automatically. Though she can sleep through an earthquake, she did not count on me getting excited when my team score and shouting each time they missed the goal. Especially if they missed the goal.

So, last night, there was a game in which the team I am supporting, Arsenal football club played against a Spanish opponent. I was awaken a few times as my cats were restless and went in and out the house, via our bathroom window, in which we do not let open and they keep scratching to go out and come in. 

12am, one went out...

2.30am, one came back and another went out...

4am, one came back...

5am, another went out...

5.34am, I woke up realising the game has finished and I did not even glance at the television to see the score...

I am showing my age...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He is just not that into you : a review

I wanted to watch this movie because I saw the trailer with Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly and Jennifer Aniston and thought to myself, wow, this movie must be serious. I mean, a chick flick which has just a hint of comedy that try to get the message to the masses about how NOT to act when you are dating.

Boy, was I wrong. I should have known when I saw Drew Barrymore. She is a producer nowadays, if you don't know. And being producer (think Tom Cruise) you will try to make the story appeal to you. Thank God that she did not try to get into every frame like that OTHER producer but I should have known the word 'cute' will be all over the movie or maybe more like the word, cliche is better to define the movie. But, if a word can sum up the reaction of the moviegoers in that theatre that day, which was full of expatriates, for some reason or another (maybe the theater was in the middle of Kuala Lumpur at its affluent shopping district), the word is CRINGE...

The movie makes you cringe when all the mistakes that you ever done in dating are shown to you under the microscope. I never read the novel which seems to be written by a man and a woman. Maybe they know how the dating game is played. Interspersed with real life interviews but ended with all the movie couples (and singles) at the end of the movie, it does give you realism but the trying to hard to make things go better still make the movie a bit unreal.

I think some of the actors should just stick to what their do best. Like Scarlett Johansson should  just stick to action movie as she was cast as a femme fatale here but it just did not work...

In short, the movie was nice but there was no umphh... at the end.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How do you ask for sex?

No, not the one where you have to pay for it? This is between two consenting adults in which you have had sex before and now it is a regular thing for the two of you. Just how does one ask for sex when he or she feels like doing it?

Do you say it out loud?

Do you like some of wife's friends who say their husbands like to send signals by touching their body late at night?

Do you show your desire by putting all the lights out, put on some candles and wear that lingerie that you have bought just to be teared off like what those steamy novels have taught you?

Do you just bat your eyelids and your partner will know how frisky you are?

Naughty messages the whole day through the handphone?

With all the advent of technology, this basic need is one of the most important between a man and a woman who is having a relationship. When you started to date and it was the first time, you need to be careful with what you say or how you convey your message if you want to go all the way. One wrong move and someone will scream bloody murder. But, sometimes, even after so long knowing each other, making love is still something which needs to be properly set up and conveyed.

As for me, oral fixation always works...

As in speaking, not THAT oral fixation...but it works too...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Men are more trusting of women than women are of men...

If two three post ago, I wrote of the nature of women who has a high pain threshold, now, let us look at another hypothesis of mine. I found this out when watching news and not in my own experience. Would you believe it when a conperson is better off when that person is a woman? She can use her wiles to snag the victim and make him cough up whatever money or property he has. Although there are a lot of men who trust other men as much as women trust cute/beautiful/handsome men, there are a lot of con artist out there who use women as baits.

Let us apply this hypothesis to relationship. Most men will get into a serious relationship trusting the woman they have fallen for. Which means that if the men were to be asked whether they believe their women going to spa when they say they are going to have spa treatment, they will accept it readily. The same if the woman said she is meeting her friend or client and the man in her life rarely think twice about it.

Let the man try to do the same, see whether the woman will be as trusting. Going out for a cigarette will be translated to having a beer or two with your no good friends at one of the bar while a football game is being played on the television. A few people I know will be hard pressed to be able to have a cup of coffee at their favourite stall. 

I read a supposed humourous email in which the man has to fill nearly 50 questions in a questionnaire specifically designed for him to fill if he wants to have a Friday night out with his friends. The woman just have to tell it to the man that she is going out and that is it. Some jokes hit closer to home than others. If women says they are discriminated in workplace and such, I say we also being discriminate in the relationship part of our life. But, I bet this is not going to change anytime soon. Especially with the attitude of men nowadays....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

How do you sleep at night?

This is not a post about how can you sleep at night after doing something you shouldn't have done or about some of those things which gnaw at your conscience until you can't sleep at night, which I intend to blog about one day in my other blog. This is about how do you actually sleep at night?

I wrote a post once on how my wife is a very heavy sleeper, which you can access here. Although she sleeps like a log, she always has dreams. She will sometimes dreamt about how I will suddenly have another wife or a girlfriend and then she will suddenly be a bit testy early in the morning telling me of how the dream was so vivid that she thought it was for real.

As for me, I am one of those people who like to sleep late but once I am out, I usually sleep a dreamless sleep. You can say I sleep the sleep of the just. That is unless I have a toothache or heavy cough. Which is rare...

I know those few friends of mine during my university days who were either easy or hard to go to sleep. I remember when we have conversations before we go to bed and there are those who sleep even while we were talking. Some even study at 3am as they couldn't sleep.

How DO you sleep at night?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The day I fall in love with my wife....

I actually never told this story to anyone and if my wife miss this post, then she may not even know it. Yet...

I didn't fell in love with wife like all those love at first sight stories. It was just a normal love story which of course will be told at least once in this blog. My wife hates certain facts on how she met me but I always tell her, without that facts, we would never have met. So, we are jumping to the front of the story as I still think I am not ready for the story of how we met yet.

The day I fell in love with my wife was one day before I was to solemnise our marriage at the mosque.

That was after we have dated for nearly 3 years. That was after we have been engaged for 4 months. That was when I have known her inside out for quite some time. That was after we already know each other idiosyncracies. When we already knew where we were going to live. Planned our future. Set our goals.

As much as it sounds and may not be the best time for me to only have that feeling then, I believe once you are really made for each other, then you would get that feeling. Some really search their soul when they were on the way to the wedding, either it is in a church, a mosque, their house and all those places where solemnisation take place. Mine, was a bit earlier and when I search my soul, I know she is the one.

I still have that feeling, although we have gone through a lot, together....
And I hope to have it still in years to come...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Women have a higher pain threshold than men

This is just a theory that I develop. I have a lot of them lying around and as I have a blog, I would like to put it out and see whether people would accept my contention or not. As the heading says, I believe women have a higher pain threshold than men. Why, you say?

I say this because they experience pain a lot more than men. We men only experience pain when we get into an accident or in something which we know can cause us pain. We play games like football and rugby in which we rush headlong into excrutiating pain and we love every minute of it. We get into a fight and idolise wrestlers who know how to "Bring on the pain!!!" although all those we see are staged. We drive fast and know the consequences of our foolishness. We do all this and then more. 

As for women, they have to experience a lot of pain although they are just some plain jane. The menses that they have to accept as a way of life will wreck havoc some of their schedule, to say the least. They will experience stomach cramps and other cramps in various parts of their body. Then if they get married, the pain of giving birth is said to be as bad as anything you can imagine. Then they allow themselves to be processed under beauty regime which is supposed to make them beautiful. They poke holes here and there. They go through various treatment to be thin, to be beautiful and to some, just to be accepted as normal. Then, of course, there is the sex. I think you can say the early part of sex life of a woman will be more painful than of a man.

So, that is my theory. Anyone disagree with this?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The importance of open communication

How many times have you heard the need to have an open communication with your partner/spouse? It is about talking to your other half about things that matter from the household expenses to those mundane things such as who is going to throw out the trash and how much make-up does one needs. Of course, top of the list are those things which all couple need to always bear in mind to keep an open communication such as sex, sexual satisfaction and having children.

When you first get to know a person, whether he or she is just a friend or someone more important, you need to find a common ground in which you have interest in. I bet, even the perfect relationship which epitome the opposite attracts will at least have one thing in common. If you cannot even agree on what to eat, just imagine how hard it is for you both to go on dates. Of course everyone has their own favourite food and drinks but at least if you are Asian, no Asian can go without rice within a week. What you put on the rice, is another matter.

How open should the communication between spouses be? In a perfect world, it should be as open as a field in which you talk about anything under the sun. Your hope, your dream, bla, bla, bla. Then you got married or decided to live together. Did you talk about his habit of leaving his clothes all around the house? His farting or snoring? Her toileteries which take up half if not all of the dressing table? Her need to have all those shoes?

As simple as all these things are, some don't talk about it or give up after sometimes. Better not, you are suppose to be in for life, not just until there is no umphhh... in the relationship.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Caught between the zippers

This is a simple post. In one man lifetime, he will at least once feel this excrutiating pain where either his manhood or his sperm producing sacks (sacs?) get caught in the zipper. When I post about Going Commando someone asked, wouldn't the manhood is in danger of getting caught in the zipper?

The answer is yes. I have this one friend who caught his thingy on his trousers and he was 31 then. Just imagine the pain. The wife had to kind of delicately pull down the zipper to release the part that get caught. 

Just saying OUCH!! is an understatement...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clean down there

Let us talk about hygiene for a while. Hygiene especially for that part of your body which you rarely show anybody else. Heck, if you are a woman, you couldn't even see it properly unless you use a mirror. What I mean is more on the hair that grows down there to show that you have come of age and need to be trimmed every other week to look clean. 

Unlike those days in the 70s where most let their pubic area to be full of hair, nowadays the trend is to be clean of hair down there that 'strip club' or saloons is a must for everyone who is everyone. To understand the business of these strip club you can get educated on it in a few episodes of Californication where Duchovny's character has an agent whose wife is a stripper as in those who clean people's hair down there. From the explanation and the scene that was shown, it seems that the business is not as easy or as glamorous or even as attractive (for the straight men who want to be in this line of business). Maybe you can equate it to the gynaecologist who is always thought to be the luckiest man alive.

I have friend who did the trimming and the shaving of his partner's pubic hair for her and that is a sort of their foreplay in a certain ways. They will usually start off by lathering the area, and he will shave one side before moving to the other side and then he will finish it off with the labia area. get the picture (that is after he make sure that there is no residual shaving foam, of course). For us men, it is easy with us being able to see and do our own trimming. Maybe that is why Brazilian wax are done by another and cannot be done by the woman herself.

Maybe some will think this matter is to personal but in Islam, the trimming of pubic hair is asked for of men and women as it will be unhygienic if kept as it is. So, as much as trimming down there is about being attractive and may even make you sexually attractive, it is important enough to be a matter of discussion.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just like a boy

I have this one person in my office whose sex is female but is more manly in her demeanor than any man I ever know. She likes to sit in ways that can be described as unbecoming of a lady, talks loudly and even sometimes belch like a guy.

We sometimes make fun of her just trying to send her a message that she should be more womanly or at least act like a girl. As her superior she sometimes scowls at me when I commented on these attitude of hers. Just to make a point we even asked her once what her sexual orientation is. It is more in jest than anything.

Then last two month we got a card from her inviting us for her wedding. It is not such a surprise as we knew that she had gotten engaged three months before that. We did say to her not to bully her husband and when she had married him but still talks to him as if to a friend more than her husband we said she should try to talk to him more like a wife. Again, the scowl.

No, I am not trying to say I discriminate against my employee but it's just that I am amaze at her way of behaving like a manly woman though she is all woman, sexual preference included. Do you ever have friends or colleagues who is such?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The bed came down

It was the most embarrassing/funny moment which happened at the most uncomfortable of time. Luckily no one who was hurt except for the bed. Yes, the bed broke while we were on it, while we were in the thick of thing. Nope, the bed is still being use even today. 

I repaired it there and then, using some wood I found in the store and the neighbours had to bear with me hammering away trying to repair the bed at 12.30am. As our walls are thick and we know you can make noises within the house without being overheard  as there were more than a few occasion we saw neighbours talking near their window or having parties within their home but we couldn't hear anything. I repaired it and we were sleeping back on it that same night. No one asked me the next day whether anything was wrong the night before when we came out for work. Maybe the walls are really thick or they just don't want to know why I was hammering in the dead of the night.

That was how passionate we were (and still is). We sometimes look at the bed while we sat at the same position and thought maybe we should move from that part of the bed just in case we are too heavy or something. 

Did we finish it somewhere else? Of course, we have a few other beds in the house and who needs bed when there is the sofa, the kitchen and even the walls... ; )

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Suffocating to say the least

My blog friend, Lisa wrote on the topic about how many times one person calls his or her spouse or partner during the day when they are not together. She noticed that a few of her colleague observes this ritual daily while they were having lunch and she herself when she is in a relationship tends to get calls from her partner. I myself tend to do this everyday. I am usually the last to leave the house and when my wife leave the house, she will usually past me by while I am jogging or if I am not jogging, I try to send her off with a kiss. If I am not too lazy, I even send her to the door (ours is a two storey house and if I am not getting up yet, it will be a hassle to go down and then back up)

These last 3 days, my wife took a leave of absence from her office, just to relax. That was the reason given by her to her boss. He knows how much she has put in as clients call her even at night and on weekends so her leave was approved although she actually applied for the whole week. On Tuesday, she went to work as there was a tender she need to try to finish. Being in sales and service, she works according to budget and is always under pressure by clients who like to compare her company's and other insurance players' quotations.

Last week, when she told me she was going to take some time off, she told me to not be worried about her whereabouts and what she was doing. She said she actually wanted to sleep more than anything and maybe do some houseworks which she had put off for quite some time. She really tried to get her message across as she explained this. Then when she saw me looking puzzled, she explained. She said I sometimes worried too much about her whereabout that I tend to want to know what she is doing especially when she is on leave.

It made me think that I may sometime be too suffocating to say the least but as there are only the two of us, I rarely want to call another person if I have something I want to get off my chest. If I see something funny or have idea I want to share, she will be the first to hear it. It is not that she is the only woman in my life. My business partner comes a close second as I am always with her during working hour and my mother comes very far third but more than anything, I would like to call her if I want to get an opinion. However, there were more than a few occasions that when I thought I have told her something, I actually have told another person, which usually was my business partner.

So, I think it is best to remind ourself sometimes even our spouse need some break from us....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Real life is weirder than fiction

There is a lot of truth in the statement of Stranger than Fiction. I heard somewhere that in fiction, the story has to make sense but real life does not has a script. It will act as it will and that is why there is a lot of stories on how people do certain things which is way weirder than what you find between story books.

When one writes a fiction, there is the introduction of characters and storyline, a climax and finally a finale. Even in movies usually the stories go like a tangent which most filmakers follow. If the film kind of follow real lie, which films that tried to be Oscar contender usually are, it became kind of boring. People will ask where is the climax? Why was the story did not fully develop and why was there was no ending. This is what audience will say, not the critics who will usually try to look deeper. These are in films and books.

Real life never play like that. Stories intertwined with each other. There will be so many characters that they can't pin down just one main character. That man you buy your breakfast from, what stories can you gauge by looking at his face? That cleaner at your office? The people you meet every other day? Each has their own stories and I bet all are spectacular in their own.

One of my favourite writer, Jeffrey Archer, writes both fiction and non-fiction really well. He has books which compiled real stories from his prison days, a memoir and all the while he still writes fiction. I was an avid fan of Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less which is about how 4 men tried to get back all the money a millionaire swindled from them. He even managed to make the fiction seems like non-fiction as some of his stories did not play out like any ordinary fiction.

Maybe that is the beauty of life, you will never know what will be, will be. Que sera, sera... 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dream car(s)

As I was posting the event where I attended on 31.3.09 in my other blog - Legal Cat-asthrophe where Ferrari and Maseratti were showcased as their showroom were launched in an event to mark the coming of F1 season in Malaysia, I was just thinking about my relationship with cars. I am not the type who marry their car as the second wife where I would treat them special like a woman. I would buy a car, use it and then send it for service accordingly. I don't cry if there is a scratch on my car or send it for buffing and waxing every single week. Or pull a tarpauline over it at night. As much as I appreciate the prices of certain cars, I still belive they are just that. A car.

So, yesterday, I was thinking, if ever I have the money to but one of this supposedly most desired brand on earth, will I change?

Will I suddenly cannot see anyone leaning over it to take a picture as who sees Ferrari everyday? (unless you are an owner of course). Will I sleep in it if I have to? Will I stare at it with loving eyes as if she will whisper back to me sweet nothings?

I am actually already driving my dream car as I promised myself I will be contented in life when I drove one. And to tell you the truth, all cars which is supposed to change your world once you own it, are overrated. Some dreams are there just to make you work harder....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Miss parked/wrong parking

Have you ever seen guys adjusting themselves as if something is wrong somewhere down there? That is when they got excited and the position of their pole need to be adjusted. It happens a lot as the position of their manhood may be at an uncomfortable position unlike when it was not as straight as when they are excited.

When it happen, there are a lot of 'uncomfortableness' for the men that it require some adjustment on his clothes to hide the fact that his boy is up. Usually, if situation permits, they will try to get to a safe place like the Gents or somewhere safe, then they will let their pants down to do the 'adjustment'.

If they are somewhere where they cannot be in private, that is where each man creativity comes into play. The hand in the pants' pocket while looking uninterested will be the best choice. 

All this will be easier if you were going commando like I explained in my earlier post. Missed it? Access it here.

Me? Never have THAT problem and I can reach it easily