Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here come the sun

I was in a town in Western Australia called Freemantle once and there were these sidewalk cafes lining up its main street. These cafes are usually full during the hot season and my friend who lives in Perth and was entertaining us on our excursion there, told us an amazing tale.

He said, you can easily spot the Asians and the Westerners in these cafes during summer. 

Most of the Westerners will sit at the tables which face the sun and revel in feeling the heat of the sun on their skin...

The Asians?

They are the one who try to be under the shades as much as possible...

We Asian still think the sun is too hot anywhere we are in the world...and oh, these Asian I am mentioning are those who lives near the equator, like in countries in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Those with 4 seasons may still opt for the sun...

..and that friend? He is an Asian from Malaysia and has been living there for nearly 10 years already.


  1. Those who are always under the sun love the shade. Very logical and true.

  2. "Here comes the sun and I say... I love it!"
    Hehahaa..those are lyrics and not from me.. Hi, I am Claire.. after going thru yr profile blogs, if i m not mistaken, this is yr latest one...
    interesting..will come back here often..

  3. Yeo - Maybe we have too much of it

    Claire - Yes, I got it from the lyrics too...and yes I blog everyday. So, stop by always