Saturday, April 4, 2009

Suffocating to say the least

My blog friend, Lisa wrote on the topic about how many times one person calls his or her spouse or partner during the day when they are not together. She noticed that a few of her colleague observes this ritual daily while they were having lunch and she herself when she is in a relationship tends to get calls from her partner. I myself tend to do this everyday. I am usually the last to leave the house and when my wife leave the house, she will usually past me by while I am jogging or if I am not jogging, I try to send her off with a kiss. If I am not too lazy, I even send her to the door (ours is a two storey house and if I am not getting up yet, it will be a hassle to go down and then back up)

These last 3 days, my wife took a leave of absence from her office, just to relax. That was the reason given by her to her boss. He knows how much she has put in as clients call her even at night and on weekends so her leave was approved although she actually applied for the whole week. On Tuesday, she went to work as there was a tender she need to try to finish. Being in sales and service, she works according to budget and is always under pressure by clients who like to compare her company's and other insurance players' quotations.

Last week, when she told me she was going to take some time off, she told me to not be worried about her whereabouts and what she was doing. She said she actually wanted to sleep more than anything and maybe do some houseworks which she had put off for quite some time. She really tried to get her message across as she explained this. Then when she saw me looking puzzled, she explained. She said I sometimes worried too much about her whereabout that I tend to want to know what she is doing especially when she is on leave.

It made me think that I may sometime be too suffocating to say the least but as there are only the two of us, I rarely want to call another person if I have something I want to get off my chest. If I see something funny or have idea I want to share, she will be the first to hear it. It is not that she is the only woman in my life. My business partner comes a close second as I am always with her during working hour and my mother comes very far third but more than anything, I would like to call her if I want to get an opinion. However, there were more than a few occasions that when I thought I have told her something, I actually have told another person, which usually was my business partner.

So, I think it is best to remind ourself sometimes even our spouse need some break from us....


  1. well one thing for sure, continue what you are doing for your wife ....

    and yes, when she is at home resting, do not worry about how she is although it is sweet to find out ... :)

    im glad lots of couples still practise this stuff as it shows how one can really maintain the relationship well until it last :)

  2. Yep, still fighting the good fight