Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Caught between the zippers

This is a simple post. In one man lifetime, he will at least once feel this excrutiating pain where either his manhood or his sperm producing sacks (sacs?) get caught in the zipper. When I post about Going Commando someone asked, wouldn't the manhood is in danger of getting caught in the zipper?

The answer is yes. I have this one friend who caught his thingy on his trousers and he was 31 then. Just imagine the pain. The wife had to kind of delicately pull down the zipper to release the part that get caught. 

Just saying OUCH!! is an understatement...


  1. well I've seen my brother caught it when he was ........ 6 years old??

    it freaks the hell out of me...!!!!!!!!

    coz i saw the skin in between the zipper!!!

  2. Dang, just reading that made me say "Adoi"