Friday, April 24, 2009


I once told my fellow business partners of how I was instructed by the doctors who were trying to make us pregnant that I have to try to make love at certain time the night before we were scheduled to have a few procedures with them to ensure that we have a good chance of conceiving. 

As all my business partners are ladies who I have known for more than 5 years and are quite open about everything, talking about sex are not considered that unheard of. So, I was telling them the detail of how we have been trying and the procedures that we have to go through. However, when the talk was about how we need to try it at certain positions illicit a comment from one of them that she thought the issue is considered as T.M.I. Too much information....

I was like "Huh?!!". I asked her how come when they were telling me about how they went for check-ups and telling us those stories about what was ailing them or how they were delivering their babies or how they had to go through certain procedures which only women are willing to go through was any different? Being one of the few males in the office usually does not leave me much choice except to accept that as part and parcel of having an office full with women.

Maybe when the issue is sex, most people thinks that we better keep it in the bedroom...

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