Sunday, April 19, 2009

Movie adaptations kill books by the dozen...

I am trying to win a pair of tickets to watch this movie called Angels and Demons in which the weirdly haired (simply said, weird hair) Tom Hanks of the Da Vinci Code returns reprising his role as Dr. Robert Langdon in a sequel which is to delve deeper into what is Illuminati. Illuminati was also used once by Lara Croft in Tomb Raider in which Angelina Jolie managed to talk to his dead father who was part of the Illuminati in that movie.  You do know that Langdon's supposed profession does not exist? I bet my shorts even the way Illuminati is written has meaning in that movie. Illuminati is supposed to look like this in their special font :-

When movies like this happen, in which comic books or books are adapted for the screen, it made even little old me, feel a bit lazy in reading the book. I read Da Vinci Code but I was not a fanatic after reading it. Theories are fine for dinner table discussion but when a friend asked me how she was deeply affected by the book and asked me what I know about what the theory which was put in the book is true or not, I frankly told her I don't really believe it at all. When I went to the Louvre in 2005, I remembered seeing the pyramid made of glass but was not that impressed by it. It was beautiful and everything, but my office overlooks Sunway Pyramid, so a modern pyramid is just not that impressive.

Another anticipated movie of the year is Harry Potter which will be the last 2 instalments of most teenagers favourite wizard. Again, although I love the way J.K. Rowling writes, I am too lazy to read the last two Harry Potter books. And yes, I know, in that book an important character dies. I'll just wait for the movie.

So, in short, I really hope to get the movie tickets as I will never read the novel no matter how good they say it is (psstt...Dan Brown is not that good a writer anyway. I'll stick to Stephen King and Terry Pratchett, thank you). This contest I am entering needs me to advertise the contest to the whole of Malaysia blogosphere. Here is the link - Advertlets' Angels and Demons contest.
p/s - They ARE giving away cameras for the best post which are voted by the blog's fans. I'm not trying to win that. Just the tickets.


  1. I can honestly say, you're missing out man. The book is so great. Good luck with those tickets though. I can't wait to see it myself!

  2. Seriously? The movies kill the books, especially Harry Potter. Unless someone gives me free tickets, I don't think I'd watch them... the books offer so much more.

    As for Angels and Demons, if you read Da Vinci Code and thought it just ok only, then you're not missing much. Maybe the movie will be more interesting.

  3. There's no need to see it as an the book OR watch the movie. Why not both? :)

    I've read the book...and one of the first few thoughts that crept into my mind was that 'This would be great as a movie, it works even better than the Da Vinci Code'. See you at the screening!

  4. A Turn - Maybe I'll buy it as the missus is asking for it too but if I have time I'll read it

    Terra - I hope so as I think I may get it

    Josh - Thanks Josh. Hope I really can get the tixs...