Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ever wonder what would happen when you got married then you become alone again.

Either through the dreaded 'D' word or due to unwanted circumstances such as death to your spouse.

A few of my friends have been through both and trying to reconnect again with friends you have left behind as you concentrate trying to build a successful marriage until sometimes you make your friends feel isolated especially when you have kids AND a successful career. Then one day, WHAM!!! You are alone again.

I think sympathy is the least of what they want but more of someone to understand that they need a friend then. As they have left the dating scene for quite some times, they will need to realign their priorities. Some just delved back into work or studies. Some just throw themselves back into the scene as if they never left. Some just gave up on love (which I consider is bad whether they manage it well or not)

I hope I never have to go through it, EVER.... (but, never say never)


  1. oh my gosh..sorry Kruel.. wrong comment box.. oh embarassed..
    sorry for not being attentive to the comment box..
    actually i wanna ask ... what do u mean by being alone after marriage?

  2. It is more when you are left lonely again. Not during but if ever there is a divorce or death

  3. yes this would be sad and we were very close to facing that in my family. I got so sick but thankfully I got better. It would be very hard indeed.

  4. Sandi - We should live day to day...