Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chick lit

I try not to read pop culture chick-lit like those written by Danielle Steel, Candace Bushnell or Sophie Kinsella. Its not that these books are not interesting but I do think this is like looking through women magazines. As I like to read everywhere to finish a book, I will be hard pressed trying to finish these books. Just like women magazine, a man would seems to be a bit uncultured reading women magazine. But, seriously, they just don't appeal to me as I don't really understand the thinking of women.

I do love a few titles like the one written from the male's prespective by Mitch Albom and sometimes I do find books written by women to be just the thing that I need after a hard days work. I love the book of J.K. Rowling though not to the type of frenzy that I would line up to get the first earliest copy in store. I read them just for the sake of knowing what the hoopla were all about but I actually have not read the last 2 books of the Harry Potter series. The movie later this year and the last one which is supposed to be 2 movies might clear help.

Come to think of it, I managed to influence my wife to read more of my type of books which borders more on fantasy and science fiction like those by Terry Pratchett and an occasional Stephen Kings (as she hates horror). Maybe if I really don't have anything to read, then I may read these chick lits...

* Don't blame me for calling them chick lits. Even some bookstores do refer them as such


  1. Candace Bushnell (who wrote the original Sex and the City columns) recently wrote 'Lipstick Jungle' which is quite interesting. It's good to have the world from the point of view of women sometimes, as so often it's all about how men see it.

  2. I do read what women wrote but of my interest such as mystery and such