Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Eve 2010 : 5 years in the making

This is a personal thing for me. To celebrate new year's eve at the place I have reserved for tomorrow. I have been wanting to do it for quite some times and without even having to say to my wife about it, I only asked her whether she knows where we would be celebrating our new year, without even giving any hint, she already knew it.

It all started when we celebrate our first and last new year ushering 2004 somewhere in the vicinity of KLCC, the twin iconic towers of Malaysia, home to our oil company, which for better or for worse, is the most recognisable symbol of Malaysia's success, in some way or another.We celebrated that year just a few blocks from KLCC. Far from the maddening crowd but close enough to feel the heat of the firework. That was a last minute planning and our room was not even facing KLCC. We had to go down to the floor where the pool is to look at the firework. As we were impressed with the firework, we promised to celebrate it at this one hotel where we think the firework will be much better viewed and hopefully, it can be seen from our hotel room.

The next year, 2005, we were busy moving the furniture from our apartment to our current abode and we foregone all new year celebration. 2006 was our first year in our new home and we just want to experience it there. The next year, 2007, there was no celebration as our ruler, the Yang DiPertuan Agung, our King, had just past away and out of respect, all government new year function was canceled. In 2008, the Gregorian new year coincided with the Haj pilgrimage celebration and in 2009, it was the Muslims new year where we did celebrate in a very neighbourly style with our neighbours.

(Caveat on the dates as I might have mixed up the dates and the events which made us decided not to celebrate)

So, this year is it. A celebration where we want to be a bit special. Not that far from home and no big celebration, except to watch firework at KLCC Park. We just hope that there will be one but I did checked out the internet and found a few websites which promised a celebration of some sort in the vicinity of KLCC. Here are the links to suggestions on how to celebrate new year in Kuala Lumpur by KLUE Magazine and Time Out KL.

Monday, December 28, 2009

What I want to do at least once in my lifetime

This is not my ultimate bucket list or I am doing it due to some illness which may kill me but I am doing it just because I want to...

1) Stay somewhere where no one know who I am for more than one week or at least a month...

2) Travel to Las Vegas;

3) See the sun rises on top of some mountain (not really too keen but if there an easy climb somewhere...)

4) Go to Disney whatever...I mean, it can be Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Tokyo, Disneyland Hong Kong, but my ultimate will still be where Epcot Center is...

5) Go see Yellowstone;

6) Go see the midnight sun;

7) Go to Antartica;

8) Go to the Oscar (or the Grammy; the Emmy or even the Tony);

9) Publish a book (which is very much in the making and getting nearer and nearer);

10) Go to KLIA on the midnight of the day before New Year's Eve, points to a departure monitor and go where my finger is pointing, without reservation or without any luggage with my wife there and then

Just some wish which I might be doing next year or maybe if I am stable enough...But it all starts with a dream...

Wouldn't be amazing to be on a deserted island for a month just with your love one...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's that time of the year

...where you celebrate Christmas even though you are not Christian....

...where you take a holiday somewhere as everyone else is doing it.....

...where you go and meet up old friends to catch up on their stories....

...where traffic jam is the order of the day but you still go out to mall to see about that hoopla about that snowflake machine...

...where some parents lost their child in the mall and some parents lost their child for good....

....where you remember that you haven't finish your last year's new year resolution and some were never done at all....

...where you plan to do new New Year Resolution....

...where you know you shouldn't have that second helping but ended having a fourth....

....where conversations flow, some with the help of lubricants

....where you spend more than you had budget for...

....where love might just be in the air....

....where you know you shouldn't be at Gurney Drive but you did and now your car is at the police station....

....where you went back to your hometown but the you got angry as they keep asking why you come back alone...

....where you are just glad that it is the end of the year....

....where you say to your self the usual stuff at the end of the year then keep doing it again until the time comes to reflect back on the year...

....where you just enjoy yourself like you usually do every day of the year....

....where there's fireworks, joy and celebration all over the world....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

What is social media without the people behind it

I was invited to a few events which are closely related to social media for the past 2 weeks. An event called P1 Social Media Night, hosted by P1 Wimax, which is infamous for its "Potong!" advertisement to its maverick way in marketing their broadband. I have been to quite a few of their events this past one year as they seem to engage bloggers and other social media networkers more than any other telecommunication company. Now, we have everyone of them noticing the social media network as a place to market their products. Their event started at 6.30pm and supposed to finish at 10pm.

At the same time, in another part of the city, Starbucks Malaysia StarbucksMY was throwing another event to celebrate their 11 years presence in Malaysia. The day had started early for Starbucks as they gave out free coffee between 11am - 1pm which I did managed to get in the local Starbucks near my office. Their party started at 7pm until late.

How did I managed to go to both events? By sheer ingenuity and knowledge of the traffic within the area that day, that's how (traffic was a nightmare that day!). And I even managed to go and watch Avatar 3D after that, which I will watch again and again as there are so many Avatar Tweetup happening in the next few days (2 at last count)

All thepeople above were at the #P1SMN which stands for P1 Social Media Night

p/s : I actually have a picture who is behind @StarbucksMY but seems to misplace it....I wonder whether she will allow me to post it. Such a bubbly person

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Starbucks 11th Anniversary in Malaysia

It was a very fun even with the host using social media to invite and keep those on Facebook and Twitter in the know of what was happening at the event. With the theme masquerade, I was curious at how they can use a Starbucks in a mall to throw an event to celebrate their 11th year in Malaysia. Thanks to the emcees who one of them in Xandria Ooi and the other Starbucks area manager, which I apologise as I can't for the life of me remember his name. However I do have a picture of him in the video below.

The invite was sent to me by email but conveyed in the first instance to me through Twitter. See how important to have a social media life to get invited to a gathering of real life people nowadays? I did had to divide my time with another event but that will be another post on another day

Here are some pictures and a video of people having fun...

The cake which was mutilated by the time we arrived

Other cakes on offer

Twitter updates there and then with a screen to check yours

And this is the dance off to the tune of Jai Ho!
(the guy in yellow is the area manager)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel Penang : Way past expiration

Not that I don't appreciate good musics from the early days of Rock n Roll but when I am in my office and sobered up from the rocking gastronomic experience which one would experience if one stays in a hotel where rock memorabilia is the order of the day, reality hits home. I was and actually still an avid fan of rock n' roll music and being close to all the memorabilia especially those in my teen age, it makes me wanna rip those showy guitar of the wall and rip some rift (not that I know how to play one).

Anyway, as I was trudging the hallowed hall of Hard Rock Hotel in Penang, (although new, the memorabilia is authenticated from legends) I bombarded the crew (the staff is called as such) there with rock trivia just to see how trained were they. I found myself to be very old with their answer. Most of them don't know the band which I am so in love with long ago like Guns n Roses, Nirvana and Bon Jovi. Don't let me start on how they have never even heard the songs of the Cure, Rolling Stones and Aerosmiths. The only one which transcend the age limit is Green Day who seems to have a second revival of sort with their current albums and was famous for Nookie during my time.

So, as much as I want to say I enjoyed myself there, Hard Rock Hotel Penang did makes one feel old and it is amplified with the staff there being young. Too young for my liking...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I love walking by the beach

If you have followed or stumbled on a few of my posts in this blog, you would know I love walking by the beach and I can actually walk nearly 1 or 2 km by myself by the beach. My wife usually follows until half a mile then drop back as I go through my pace.

As Hard Rock Hoetl is really just down the road from the famous Batu Feringghi beach in Penang Island, I walked twice the whole stretch as I want to go and see another favourite resort which I have stayed twice with my wife. The resort is the Lone Pine Resort which has more than one pine but the ambience there was always relaxing and it was a constellation of old bungalows. Now they are renovating it and adding more modern buildings. I hope there will be some bungalow still left when it is finished in September 2010.

Am having trouble with uploading the pictures of the beach and the place. Will update it late...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel Penang : Wish you are here....

Am on holiday locally in Malaysia but with a foreign flavor.

I am at Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Was invited by my brother last October to accompany him here 3 days after it opens but was preoccupied with something else. Now it is our turn to have a rocking good time...

Regular programming will resume when I get out of any sleepy haze which comes with holiday...

Oh, and the theme here is mostly tribute to Elvis, the King and the Beatles...

During dawn just now, the only peaceful time here...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where to get good steaks in Kuala Lumpur : Meatworks

When it comes to steak in Kuala Lumpur, I have been looking for a good one for quite sometime....

The problem with me is although I not really a fussy person, as I always order my steak medium rare, as I am a Muslims and always want all my steak to be certified halal. Which is not that easy in this supposedly Muslim country (yes, I am slagging my own country, like millions of other people in the world).

So, when a place called Meatworks, who is supposedly owned by a Minister's children opens up and it serves only halal approved meat, I just got to try it out. And tried it I did. Last Friday (did tried it a few months back but the offerings were not as it is now)

I was supposed to attend an event but was rejected at the last minute as the attendance was too overwhleming (some who followed me on Twitter might know this)

So, the restaurant is called Meatworks and it is located to a new trendy side of town, Soho KL.

The front

The counter where the meat are displayed

This is their biggest offering : 1 kilogram rib-eye

What I ate...

..medium rare....(a bit charred) contrast with what my wife had

My verdict : The offerings are good at Meatworks and quite reasonable too. As a carnivore who never have enough of meat, I consider the best way to taste meat is to cook them without any sauce. Then you can dip it into anything that you fancy. The sauce was a bit sweet but standing by itself, as I love charred steak, although I did order medium rare, it was good.

Go to Meatworks for great steak and not for taking dates to...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Taking picture or posing for a picture?

Random pictures of people taking picture, either near KLCC or within KLCC....

And can someone answer me that question, taking picture or posing for picture?

The twin tower of KLCC is on the right side of my car and this is a fav spot for tourist to take picture of it

And this guy is actually the one taking the picture, but...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas joy shown by a kid

Was at Pavilion last Sunday and saw a bunch of people watching a kid dancing to the tune of Sway played by a few musicians. The abandon that she shows, just show the pure joy that only a kid can feel.

Smell like kid spirit...

p/s : First time trying to upload a video on this blog. Hopes it work...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing bring people together like Friendsters?

No, this is not an attempt to promote Friendsters. I never even owned a Friendsters account. And may never own one. Especially with too many new social networking site being offered every other week. For the past one month, I have been to 2 new social networking websites launches. Actually both are applications which are taking advantage of the social networking craze currently in progress.

I did want to attend the launch of the all-new Friendsters as a few bloggers were heading there to see what it was all about but I was stuck at another event just a few blocks away. I was even supposed to go to a charity dinner after that but forgo it after checking with a friend who was at the dinner who told me it was just about eating the food more than anything. I did pay for the charity dinner tickets and I consider that as charity in itself.

As for the Friendsters launch, as the event I was in only served finger food (which did has a great scallops offering), we were still hungry after we finished with it. So, I Blackberry messaged one of the attendee at the Friendsters event and found out that some of them were still at the Starbucks of the mall where the launch took place, which was Berjaya Times Square.

We joined them and were surprised with the bloggers the who include Euveng a.k.a. Evo, Botakai, Mynjayz, JunJunRiko, ShazFX, Dila, Bryan of Bryanlyt, Pink Pork Chop and his brother with a few others. My wife, who once was quite sceptical of bloggers is nowadays quite happy to hang around them. She said she feels young hanging around some younger crowd (not we are THAT old... :P)

What was great is that the fact that as bloggers I can now consider them as friends. The best part of it, as someone who don't go out much, I can count on this guy to flex some brain muscle. Bantering with them about everything under sun and getting some blogging tips. And some photography tips too as these guys are those serious photographers whose cameras are heavier than their head.

So, though Friendsters are not in my plan in the near future, the friends from blogging are definitely are...

p/s : You do know that Friendsters which are based in California has been taken over my a Malaysian company right? Specifically MOL, a company under the Berjaya group which is owned by this conglomerate named Vincent Tan. What he wants to do with it is anyone's guess as he also owns the franchise of Borders, 7-Eleven, Starbucks and a few famous franchisors in Malaysia and a few South East Asia countries.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Local fruits : Rambutan

My mom owns a furit orchard some 30 km from town and every time the fruits are in season, my wife is more excited than me to savour the delicious fruits that Malaysia has to offer. When the season is good, we would even do some barbeque and invite clients as a way to thank them for their support. The last barbeque we had was nearly 2 years ago as these past seasons, the offerings were not that great. Maybe when it is one of those good season, I might do a blogger gathering there...

For the past one month, every time we went back to my hometown, we always made it a point to take some of these fruits home.

These are rambutans, which is best described to be a bit like the more well-known lychee. They have 'hair' on their outer skins but inside, they are exactly like lychee, except for their walnut-looking seeds. They are very sweet that doctors are known to disallow their patients who suffer from diabetic from eating them.

I am not really a fan of local fruits as I don't even eat the most famous of Malaysian fruits, durian. It will baffle a lot of those who are just getting to know me. However, once in a while, I love the rambutans that I eat them even before we reach home.

Though they usually comes in red, like the first picture, the yellow rambutans are much sweeter and rarer but are my favourite rambutans.

And ants too....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zombieland : A Review (better late than never)

I just love Zombieland. It opens today in Malaysia, which is quite late than the release that they had in the United States but take my advise, the gore and the excitement which you feel if you watch it on the television is nothing compare to the feeling that you will feel if you watch it at the cinema. Thanks to Advertlets, managed to catch it earlier.

If you still have not watch it or better yet, never heard about it, GO WATCH IT!!! (and where have you actually been?)

The screening was full of zombies

The next part of this post will be full of spoiler.

There will be no names. They just used the names like Tallahassee, Little Rock and Wichita. Oh, I forgot, the star of the movie : Columbus, who is a cowardly, nerdy, so-not-popular and loser kid, who became the unlikely hero in the movie. He was also the narrator and the one who has all these rules which you should follow if your world ever be overran by zombies. The rules start at four rules then as the movies go along, it seems that there are more than that. It was even changed accordingly to the situation. Especially if you can get the girl because of it.

With no expectation, you will get a fun and funny movie. With a bit of expectation, you will get a movie with an erratic storyline, no real ending and some one-liners.

The movie start off with Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) alone, then he picked up Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson). Then they were conned by Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), who were con-persons themselves even before the zombie apocalypse. Thrice they were conned by these girls!

If these are mankind last hope, you better pray hard

One part of the movie, they decided to stick together as they were heading to a safer place supposedly in the east. Then they took shelter in Hollywood and of all places they went to Bill Murray house who was in the movie as himself. That is before he git shot. Dead. Which was a hoot by itself.

"Any regrets?"

"Maybe Garfield"

There were a few pop culture reference and generation gap comedy. If you chuckle and in the know, then consider yourself old.

The climax was at a theme park where the girls managed to get all the zombie in one city to come to them. Bad move on their side but Columbus managed to prove his worth and get the girl in it. Watch out for the clown.

"You thinks It was scary?"

The credits were only given to six actors and the others were nameless zombies who got whacked one by one. No tears were shed in the watching of the film.

Except if you love Bill Murray that much...


p/s : Even my wife who hates horror loves this movie...

p/p/s : In some parts, if you have a weak stomach, you may lose your lunch (or dinner)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Zombieland is all about fun!

Just came back from Zombieland and the only word I can describe about it is FUN!!!!

My wife hates scary movie and she didn't even want to watch Orphan early this year but she was not scared when this picture was taken.

Will blog about the movie later! Go watch it!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to spend a Saturday...

...and spent RM38.20 (USD11.23) in parking fees.

Was parked at the Suria KLCC which is the mall right under the Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower from 8am until 10.30pm last Saturday. There were 3 events that I attended although only planned for 1 event there and another event at another place.

I was really there as a driver for my wife and supposed to spend my time writing my books. That was it. Then saw a few bloggers whom I knew and decided to join in. That was the MySimplified Community Meet-Up (full post later).

Then decided to go to PC Fair with Serge a.k.a. Dustyhawk, a blogger friend (which I also will dedicate a post to).

Then a friend offered my wife and I tickets to High School Musical : Summer Celebration for free (I'll explained why we went thought we are NOT fans in another post).

In between these events, we did went for a massage at a nearby hotel as the other theater show that we wanted to watch (which has Niki Cheong's acting in Swimming Instructor - a mature audience theater show and is still on until 13th December 2009 at KLPac)

After the High School Musical show, we caught up with the friend's life at a nearby cafe.

That is how you spend your Saturday at one of the most expensive property in town and pay a very high parking fee. Which I can get at a better price and at a better space (jockey parking at a nearby hotel), if I had knowm that it will cost me that much...

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Moon is just a fad

Was given free tickets to watch New Moon, thanks to Project 500 which tried to get people to test their product and used the tickets as our reward for doing as such. A letdown of a reward, if you ask me. Not really impressed with this whole Twilight franchise. I rather stick to Harry Potter, though have not read Book 6 and 7. Watched all the released film and think they have done a great adaptation with the books. Ironically, Edward Cullen is in one of the Harry Potter movie before he became a bloodsucking creature.

I think the Twilight crowd are more infatuated with the actors in the movies than the storyline itself. That were what the filmakers were banking in and it worked. The audience really love the two movies for the lovey doveyness that you fill and not the story which are nothing new in the vampire myth (except for the skin shining like diamond thingy, which I find is quite ridiculous).

I still think the definitive vampire movie is Dracula with Oldman and Winona in it. You need that much blood to make a vampire movie real. Not some poster boys looking like they were going to break into a song at any moment.

Anyway, if I really want to pass judgment, I should be reading the books. Not watch the movies.

Found these stacked in my business partner room.

Maybe I'll glance through them. That is if I really have nothing to read.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Flirting is Cheating?

Watched Glee just now and one Mrs Schuster said "Flirting is Cheating".

My wife asked me"Did you hear that honey?"

Hmmm... I tend to disagree (but didn't bother at that moment as I was engrossed with the show). Of course those who has commitment shouldn't flirt as you may not know where that will lead but you do flirt a lot if you even deal with any other human.

I mean, when you want something from someone, in order for you to get what you want, either to ask a waiter to hurry up with your order or to ask someone to change a tyre for you or even if you want that last piece of whatever you need at the store. It is just human nature.

Where you take the flirting....

Now, that is another matter altogether...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taman Pertanian Malaysia a.k.a. Bukit Cerakah revisted

It seems that one of the most popular search which leads to this blog is my entry about a Sunday I spent exploring the adjacent agricultural park adjacent to my housing estate. That was nearly one whole year ago and to tell you the truth, I have again take for granted how easy for me to go there that I have never been there since then. It is just 5 kilometers from my house but I only enjoy the agricultural park known as Taman Pertanian Malaysia or Malaysia Agricultural Park or Botanical Garden or its original name Bukit Cerakah. All are valid names depending on who you talk to. You can read my entry about my long ago trip there here.

I actually receive a few inquiries about how does one get to the place. If you ask me how to get there in public transport, tough luck. Never had to use one going back to my house. Been living there for nearly 5 years but there is always a car which will send me back home. However, I can give you the link to the map of the area, thanks to Google. I am embedding the Google map search just down below :

View Larger Map

 If you look at the map, you can see my housing estate, Bukit Bandaraya just below the Taman Pertanian Malaysia. It was embroiled in  a controversy in 2006 when some claimed that it encroached on the forest reserve of the agricultural park. And I did mentioned in my blog post, I am living among the native of the area which is more hospitable to us than us being towards them.

So, just ask any taxi driver to take you to Taman Pertanian Malaysia and I don't think anyone in Shah Alam will not know the way. There are signboards showing you the way in most Shah Alam exit, either if you use the Federal Highway or the North Klang Valley Expressway which is actually adjacent to my housing estate and Bukit Cerakah but there is no exit from it. So, go into Shah Alam city centre, look out for signboards and the nearest landmark is the Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Selangor (SUK) building on top of the hill and the Chief Minister (Menteri Besar) of Selangor official resident.

If you are taking a bus, use the bus to Section 8, Shah Alam, which again you can see below the map. You must get down in Section 8 and walk nearly 5 kilometer more before you reach the Agricultural Park.

I will try to get more information in this one week or two as my public service duty to the Malaysian public. I owe this to my friend Ratty in the USA who is an avid fan of nature. You can find more information in these sites :

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Was watching Glee just now (am a bit late in catching the bug but Episode 3 and 4 were hilarious and the songs were a real trip down memory lane). There was a scene where the cheerleaders were washing cars in their bikinis.

My wife who was watching with me suddenly said :

"The idea is to tease, not to give"

It was mentioned in the first episode of Glee by the Celibacy Club President.

Tell me about it....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am sorry but I can't appreciate Karaoke, the film

I just came back from a movie which received a rave review (according to its poster) entitled Karaoke. It is a Malaysian film which is being shown under a limited run, ending tomorrow. It is shown only in one cinema for one whole week. It has been shown under the GSC International screening category as it has been making rounds in Toronto International Film Festival and Cannes. As I am a sucker for film which is under the radar or what people will call cerebral movie or better yet, independent film, I was really keen to watch it.

Some of my favourite indie films are The Live of Others, The Piano and Priceless. A German movie, an Australian epic saga and a French film. They are as eclectic as they can be. I also love an unreleased film called Gadoh! ("Fight!"), which I did a review and you can access it here. I also love to death the melancholic Japanese movie entitled Departure that my wife and I have the CD for the movie and if we want to relax ourselves, we played the CD over and over.

I need to establish this as I just can't relate to the movie just now. There were too many empty spaces in the movie and although I got the message of a story about a boy who returned home to help his mother in her karaoke after he finished getting his college degree, it was a torture. They lived in a palm oil estate and the people there have to work hard to make a living. The place where they escape their everyday toil was trough the karaoke centre.

But why was there so many wasteful reels of unrelated panorama or even sheer act of nothingness.

The made especially for the movie soundtrack, in the form of karaoke songs, by Shanon Shah were good.

The people were first class actors.

But, I just don't get the film.

With all due respect to the newly discovered filmmaker, which the poster claimed as first rate.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Advertlets is giving away movie tickets to the movie Zombieland! If you are a moviegoer, I bet you have seen the trailer to this movie which is about two different people having to team up and kill zombies. Imagine 28 Days Later or 28 Weeks Later but with fun characters. And one of them is Woody Harrelson. Yes, the Woody Harrelson who stole the show in 2012 and of Cheers fame. He is the badass in Zombieland.

If you are not an Advertlets blogger, tough luck as they are giving away tickets for the movie to those who signed up with them. The link to their offer is here - Advertlets presents : Zombieland movie tickets.

What you have to do is tell them how much you want to see Zombieland. As for me, I would eat my own hand to get movie tickets to watch it. You do know that zombie even eat their own kind? Or they are far worse than a vampire as in they do not have any brain at all.

After watching Shawn of the Dead, the movie about 2 friends who ran to their local pub when their town is infested by zombies, I am itching for something in the similar vein. I bet Zombieland is the one to fulfill my craving.

Here is the trailer of the movie :

p/s : Doesn't the poster looks old school?

Thursday, November 26, 2009


As a man, do you know that you need not fold a g-string before you put it away?

Before I was married, I never knew this.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Spy : Malaysia version of James Bond

Thanks to Adverlets and Josh Lim, last Friday, I was invited to a movie premiere of the Malaysian version of spy movie  called My Spy. This 5th production of a local production powerhouse of KRU Studio, which also produced Cicakman, is the epitome of how Malaysia secret agents work in the environment of mixed collaboration.

Where usually a Malaysian production will show either in Malay, Chinese or Tamil, My Spy transcends the racial barrier and is presented in Malay and Chinese. There are various races in various characters in the movie too. The film did try to put a Malaysian flavor into it and there are various local issues which it tries to address.

With the backdrop of the beautiful island of Langkawi, My Spy brings forth the story of 2 bumbling spies, played by AC Mizal and Harun Salim Bachik, where they were appointed by a Datin played by Maria Farida. She suspected her husband Dato O. They are rivals in the spy game where the movie start of with them trying to outdo each other in solving cases.

The cast which include Hannah Tan, Carmen Soo and Daphne Iking were directed by the affable Afdlin Shauki. Afdlin did make an appearance in the form of his voice for the car of the spy-inventor Harun Salim Bachik.

The movie is passable as a light fare and has its moments. Though you may want to compare it with American action movies, My Spy can stand on its own as a milestone for local Malaysia film. It was partly sponsored by Celcom and Perodua. You do see their product placement in the movie though it did not hurt the storyline.

The cast, director and producer

The babes, Daphne Iking and Hannah Tan

Dato' O played by Ridzuan Hashim

It will open in cinema nationwide this coming 3rd December. Go and watch a good local production...

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Climb....

Was forced with a daunting task of climbing stairs this morning after stopping my exercise regime so many times. Then I remembered the climb that we had to do on Eiffel Tower as we did not want to wait our turn on the elevator. So, we climbed.

We were so tired and had to rest a few times.

Then, a very old lady and an elderly gentlemen bypassed us. They were moving faster to the top than us!

Since then, every time we climb something tall, we always make a reference to that time. When someone who seems not as fit as us beating us on the climb to the top...

Managed to queue only halfway

Smiling but was actually tired...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

(I actually didn't know that the title is a title for a book until I Googled it)

I have always been told that breakfast is the most important component of any meal within a day. If you have your breakfast, you can actually skip any other meal within that day and you should be able to sustain yourself by eating mini-meals. I mean, you can have some salad or fruits or maybe those protein shakes that I heard a lot of people is taking.

My day always starts with breakfast which can be said to be just enough. Some eggs either half-boiled or poached. Sometimes I have toasted brown breads with my eggs. Sometimes I have them with chapati, a delicacy well-known to have originated from India but not as popular as roti canai. Chapati is more well-known around the world but roti canai is said to be a Malaysian invention which can't be found even in India. It is more known as pratha there. Canai is said to have its origin from Chennai, a city in India but most of my friends who have been there said, unless you go to Malaysian restaurant, their version of pratha is very much different than what we serve in Malaysia.

So, that is the norm for me. Eggs and bread.

Sometimes, I just have chapati. Two of them.

Why I am going on about breakfast? Thanks to a politician yesterday who tweeted to me that he just have milk and cereal everyday as his lunch and dinner are sometimes too rich (as in unhealthy) for him. So, he must start his day with light breakfast. And he is much, much younger than me.

Oh, to have the luxury of choice....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blogging brought my life to a new level

The title above is totally true in the way that blogging has changed my perspective of living in Malaysia. I am not really an extrovert person to begin with, although as a lawyer, I can hold my ground in any situation. I can be as talkative as anyone else or just stay quiet in a corner, as wall-flowery as any wallflower.

However, blogging has allow me to express myself in many new ways and make new friends at many events. New friends that I have befriended for the past one year plus, through blogging are more than what I have made by just existing as a lawyer.

These friends may not be those whom I hang out with on a regular basis but I have meet up with them more than all the friends in college, school or even my neighbours. Heck, most that I talk to my neighbours are about the weather and whether there is going to futsal the next week (except for one neighbour who has the same wavelength with me who can now be labelled as a 'friend' - you know who you are)

Anyway, I have been attending events or at least invited to a few which sometimes due to scheduling conflict, I couldn't attend. I do try to get to know a few other bloggers although some of them like to keep to themselves especially those who may view me as too old to be a friend.

Whatever it is, being a Malay who has been living in a Malay environment either during school, during my university days and even now, in a neighbourhood full of Malays, I have realised the need to befriend other races to get to know them better. Although it has just been just a little more than a year, blogging has made me achieve that.

I wonder what more years of blogging can bring me...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Relaxing weekend

I have so many blog posts to put up but I was so into my 'me' time the whole weekend that I finished reading 2 books and was in bed until noon.

On both Saturday and Sunday, I was sitting at a local Starbucks, just reading a book and sipping coffee. It was my wife who was running around showing people houses and all.

I felt refreshed and now am ready to face the world.

Then it rained on Monday.

The whole day...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have just finished reading the Life of Pi. Albeit a bit late as it had received rave reviews nearly 6 years ago, I read it as my wife bought it and left it near my side of the bed. It was about a boy who had survived an ordeal at sea with a tiger, of all thing.

One thing about being a cat owner, I can say that cats, even at their best behaviour, can sometimes act like their ancestors in a way. I had this one cat, who was good in catching butterflies and such while they were airborne. Just imagine a cat, jumping nearly 3 feet and landing back down with the butterfly firmly in their mouth. My wife, who never had experience with cats before we decided to adopt these beautiful creatures, were distraught when she saw this act, in front of her.

She was actually admiring the butterfly before our cat, Spot, killed it.

That was when, after a few times, we considered the occasional 'presents' which they brought home such as rats and birds, which they will they devour, as a normal thing for a cat owner. Yes, our cats eat their kill, in total. I usually had to hear they eat their kills under the bed, each time they go out using our toilet's window.

Just by that act, you know their prowess and whence they actually come from in the food chain before they were domesticated by men...

Cute huh? Wait until they get their prey...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday is bad?

Today is Friday the 13th all over the world. Some is in the midst of it and some is still on the eve of it. There are a lot of explanation about what Friday the 13th connotes. Some say the number 13th itself is a bad number. Even Chinese believe it as 1 + 3 makes 4 and 4 is equate to death in the Chinese language. Then there are a lot of bad luck which is associated with the number 13.

Then Friday is considered bad luck by some. Some say there was a lot of Black Friday which had happened and these are in reference to stock markets. There are other tales which had been told regarding what happens on Friday. Canterbury Tales and others had shown us what happened on Fridays.

When you combine both, you get 2 unlucky things happenings at once. So, they say...

For me, I don't believe one bit of this numerical things at all. Especially when I am as a Muslim. I have to just oppose the equation of Friday being the bad day of the week.

For Muslims, Friday is the holiest of the holiest days. It is our Holy Day. Some states in Malaysia has their weekends on Fridays and they work on Sunday. Not easy when the world do it the other way. But they still managed to do all that one needed to do to live.

Maybe that is why Friday is considered bad by certain people but good by certain people. Bad things happened to one side but good things happened to the other side.

Histories are written by the one who wins...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Never been there but...

I still have a few continents which I would like to see before I die. My favourite was once America, either the pop-culture capital which is US of A or the Americas as in South America in countries such as Argentina or Brazil or maybe anyone of the island in the Caribbean. Nowadays, these countries don't really hold any interest for me. Maybe the Islamophobia makes me feel unsafe if I travel there. I actually don't know anything specific about this but the media made me says it.

Another country I would love to go is either Greece or Japan. I think they have great historical significant to the whole wide world that it would be nice to go and see for yourself what they have to offer in the real sense. My wife really wants to go to India but I don't. Maybe one day we will.

We love to travel and one of our dream is to travel the world. So, it may happen sooner or later....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My European vacation

I did a small post once, at a time I just didn't have any inspiration to blog about anything. I posted some of the pictures of our vacation in Europe. I travelled to a few countries there and I actually wanted to travel to a few more. What stopped me was more of the time in which at that point I already left the office for nearly 2 weeks and as a small business, that would be too long for one partner to not be at the office.

So, I decided to come back home. When we did decided to come home, the place that we really wanted to visit was the Alps which a part of it is in Switzerland. I did managed to cross over for 15 minutes when I went to fill up petrol with my friend whose wife had an auntie who lived just across the border of Switzerland but that does not really count as we were just there for too short of a time.

What makes me recounted my travel in Europe 4 years ago is the fact that this past few weeks, news of the 20th anniversary the fall of the Berlin wall is one of the prominent news. I remembered driving from Munich, which is nearly at the far southeast of Germany to Rotterdam, which is in Netherland. It was a full day drive and thanks to the Autobahn, it was one of the best ride ever...

Why am I ranting about a vacation  I had nearly 5 years ago. Actually thinking of doing a long holiday like this again. Maybe it will be in Europe again. Or somewhere Down Under. Or maybe some other continent. We'll see...

By the Rhine river

A very, very old church in Cologne

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When you laughing, the world laugh with you...

...not if you tell bad jokes they don't.

It happened a few weeks ago when I went to this monthly comedy show which I have been following. I tweeted (using Twitter) about how bad the comedian was and as I saw another celebrity in front of me, I tweeted to her known Twitter name what she was thinking of his act. She Direct Message me (maybe not wanting people to know she replies to random tweet) and said that maybe he was not prepared for the show.

Come on....

He was the first comedian to go up there and he was supposed to represent Malaysia as there were two other international comedians who were supposed to perform later. And what surprised me more was this guy had been performing long before that show. I never heard of him but he seems to be well-known to a few people.

It was bad jokes in which sex was used as the basis for it. Which is not really that rare in Malaysia nowadays. But it just didn't work that night. It was tasteless, cringe inducing and just plain bad jokes.

And two days after that, I met the celebrity I had tweeted to and mentioned about the matter. She said she was going to use her for a fund raising which involves children. Arghh.... Good luck to her on that. Hope she does not have to pull her off stage...

He really spoiled the show that night and now I am having second thought of going to this show anymore.

Sex all over the house/room

Was having dinner with a friend just now and one of the topic was about how houses are built nowadays. I asked him why is is a problem for houses to be segmented. I mean, to have a separation between the living room and the dining room and the kitchen and the bedroom. Most condominium are built like that. Unless you put a separator between each room. A studio apartment will not have a segment at all.

He said it would be easier for him to have sex all over the house. Meaning that he does not have to worry about whether he will be hampered by any separator if he wants to straight away doing it as he entered the house.

Maybe it is a good idea after all....

Just like this one. Non-segmented room...Easy to do the deed...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The perfect glass of teh tarik

It was a long flight. The transit in Dubai was nearly half a day and sleeping at the airport on the long bench made his body ache. Travelling in business class do have its perks but it was still tiring. How he longed for a massage if he could slot it between his busy schedule tomorrow.

Wait a second. The day full of meetings was today. He looked at his wristwatch and it clearly showed 5am. KLIA was deserted. Except for a few passengers who had landed together with him. Most of them were not going outside the airport. KLIA was just a transit for them.

He waited for his bag and as the conveyor belt spewed out bags after bags, his mind went off to the last 10 weeks of his travel. Travesting Europe looking for new business for his company.

And what he missed most was just a perfect glass of teh tarik.

He did try to do it himself. He did taught the restaurant he stopped by in various cities owned by Turkish, people from India and at some, he even went behind the counters, tried his hands on his own teh tarik. Based on what he had seen how the mamaks of various restaurant in Malaysia had done it.

It was never the one that he remembered. It was either the milk or the tea itself. One of his colleague it may have been the way he pulled the tea. 'Pull' being the direct translation of tarik. But as many in Malaysia know, making a glass of teh tarik was never about pulling. It was about how you make the bubble.

Some hotels in Malaysia have one of the best teh tarik. Just with enough milk and enough bubble on top to make it an appetising drink. Acting as lubricants for conversation to run its course. For doors to open. For friends to catch up. For a simple game of football to be a platform for new friends.

That will be his mission of the day. After loading up his luggage into the airport taxi.

To look for that perfect glass of teh tarik.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Faces at the airports

Do you remember the scene at the end of Love Actually? Where people come and go, meeting, hugging, saying hello, saying goodbye, kissing, crying and such.

Isn't sometimes you want to be just one of those people?

I mean, not everyone have the chance to be missed. Some just stay where they are and keeping everything in place. For you who are travesting the world to come back to.

I never get tired of travelling. As much as the tiredness of travelling will always brings you back to reality the minute you step back into the life you left behind for a while.

Planning to travel again this December and still looking for the place where everyone don't know your name... (unless you got to know them....0

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dinner conversation

I always love the idea of entertaining my friends for dinner and engage them in conversation talking about nothing and everything. My wife is also someone who agrees with me on this and we had our fair share of dinner dates where we call up a few friends to come to our house, have dinner and then have coffee. Just for the sake of asking them to the house, catching up with their life and some of them were to celebrate either a birthday or some other celebration.

Even during Eid, we don't cater out to other people but we either buy some of the food or my wife cooks from scratch. It has been a date most of my wife's friends and mine have been waiting for that we dare not cancel it the last Eid although we were actually too tired to do it.

Last night, a couple dropped by at our house and as they just came back from Vietnam, a country we never been to before, they revel us with the tales of their travel. We showed them a TV show we are currently into and then we pigged out on pizzas and junk food. We served them the non-alcoholic wine and the coffee that they brought.

I think we need to do more of these dinner invites as we really enjoyed it. Maybe this is more of what the world need. Conversation, other than just twittering...


Thursday, November 5, 2009

You bring childhood until you dies...

Saw this sign at the MINT Toy Museum in Singapore and wonders whether as men and even women, didn't we keep on accumulating toys until we die? Cars, shoes, gadgets and make-up. All toys....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur stay

The day before we were to be taking a ride in a bus to Singapore, we decided to sleep at a budget hotel whose some of the shareholders are the same as those who owns AirAsia, that budget airline. Using the name Tune Hotel, we were curious how bad and downtrodden is the hotel. It is located at a place which is kind of dodgy as just down the road is a place where drug addicts and prostitutes are known to frequent.

We heard the stories about the hotel not providing air conditions, about having to bring your own towels and about having to rent everything. It was half-true as you do have to rent those things but they do have enough for you to have a good night sleep.

They offer no television and no room service. What they have are 5 options for you to add on to the comfortable bed and the hot shower. You can rent the air condition for 12 or 24 hours; towels with toileteries; wifi; breakfast or an insurance package. You can opt to not add anything and you may be paying just RM50-00 for the room. The check in time is at 2pm like any other hotel but check-out is quite early at 10am. They do have a Subway outlet at the lobby and a 7-Eleven.

They call their concept as 'Limited Service Concept' and I actually have experience the same concept in Paris at a hotel owned by the Accor group. That one is a much cheaper and lower scale concept. The concept is enough for us who was staying for less than 12 hours as our bus was at 7am. To me, it was a convenience which is affordable and what is important is the comfort.

Here are some pictures of our stay :

Reception. Easy registration but there is a deposit for the towel

The lobby has the convenience store and a cafe

The corridor is clean and well-lit

There's an ironing board and a laundry area

The comfortable bed and those are our towels

The air condition which you have to pre-pay

Power shower

We first thought there was TV but it was just a place to put your stuff or act like a table

One thing we notice are the advertisements plastered everywhere in the room and the corridors

My verdict? It is good enough for budget travelling be it you are a businessman or for leisure. If you want to spend at a foreign country, you can spend it on other things. Just like if you take a flight...