Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A 'new' anniversary

I wrote once in this blog, in this blogpost entitled : All anniversaries roll into one where I mentioned that for married couple there are only 3 dates which are important (not including any of the children's) to be remembered. The wedding anniversary. The birthdays of either one of the couple. That's it. All other anniversary become redundant. Unless you are those who really don't have anything to do except celebrate anniversaries.

But last year, my 'lovey' wife and I decided to add one more anniversary to our list.

I was the one who brought it up. 

It was like those 'declare' thingy you do when you were still young and you will tell your friends something happen between you and the girl you have been going out with. That 'thing' can be something from really declaring it, kissing, sleeping together or so many other ways you can think of when people decide they are now a couple.

For us, it was today. 9th February 2000 was the date that 'thing' happens. 

Nothing vulgar or anything but let that 'thing' be something kept between us two.

p/s : I was the one who forgets about it when today came. 

Here's to you, my love....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My #365 makan project

I think I eat a lot. Everywhere I go, whether I plan it beforehand or not, I always eat something. Or try something new. Not that I am THAT adventurous. I don't even eat durian, which is the ultimate disgusting smelly fruit to any Asian but a delicacy nonetheless. I didn't eat a few other things like budu, cencalok, tempoyak and a few other delicacies Malaysia are famous for. 

Some may say I am too Westernized but I never even live in any Western country more than 3 weeks. I was never a student outside of Malaysia or ever live outside of Malaysia. I have actually promised myself, I will live in Malaysia forever and if I am out of it is to experience culture out of it. And eat the food offered there.

So, my contribution to Malaysia, for now, other than what I have published and the businesses I help build, in my own small way, I am going to show the world what I have for lunch, every day, for 365 days. Even if it is just an apple (on days I am too lazy to go look for food) or Roti Sweetie (a filled bread Malaysians love to eat).

Here are some of those lunch I had in my lifetime :

For now, if you are interested, you can add me on Facebook and follow what I have for lunch here.