Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya!

Seems that the argument is how Malaysia seems to have changed the way they greet one of the most celebrated day in Muslims calendar. There are two eid in Islam. Eid ul-fitr and Eid ul-adha. One is after a whole month of Ramadhan and the other is after the Haj season in Mekah.

The form is still the same. 

The evolution goes like this :

Selamat Hari Raya  - > Eid Mubarak -> SHRAF

The first is the Malay word for Eid ul-Fitr and the second one is how Arabs greet each other and the final one is the short form version which seems to circulate among the youngster.

However you say your greetings, have a great Eid and as is a norm in Malaysia nowadays, be safe on the road. Happy holidays too as Malaysia will have 3 days of holidays due to Eid being during Merdeka/Independence Day celebration at the same time on 31st August 2011.

And eat moderately. It will be a shame for those who manage to lose the pounds to gain it back so soon.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The iftar tango....

 Every year, like any other year, the iftar or buka puasa part of Ramadhan will be in focus. People tend to go overboard when it comes to spending for buka puasa. Before I was married, in a family like mine where buka puasa is an event in itself, my mom tend to cook more than necessary as during those time Pasar Ramadhan or Bazaar Ramadhan were not as popular as it is now. We overeat on what our parents cooked for us, not some food which you are unsure of the quality of from a vendor who you suspect is only there to make money. All this thanks to a fast life of not being able to cook our own food.

Years back, when we were just married, my wife and I decided that we should do the same. Except for one delicacy which we will allow ourselves to indulge, we will only eat something which is well-prepared. Our Ramadhan routine changed but doesn't really change the way we overindulge. Only that we eat better food and something we are sure of being supposedly healthy. We also tend to cook more than necessary and we will try to eat and eat until the time for us to stop.

Once in awhile, we also tend to go out, book a hotel buffet and eat. I also treat the staff at my office the same. Hotel buffet is the norm.That is until 4 years ago when food prices started to rise and the realisation, we are overindulging in something we should take heed not to. 

Nowadays, at home, my wife and I decided we would slow down on our food intake. Iftar is just water and some fruits, usually dates and an apple. I will usually perform Maghrib prayer first before we eat a proper meal. Sometimes, I only eat after the Isya' and terawikh prayers. My wife will usually cook one rice dish and we will eat peacefully at home. I rarely do iftar in hotels anymore. This Ramadhan, I have only had iftar thrice outside of my home or either my wife's parents or mine. One is with my staff in which the hotel buffet has now become a proper catered meal at our office, complete with grill lamb and twice with a bunch of brilliant young minds whom I got to know through their blogs.

There's still half a month of Ramadhan. As we go nearer Syawal, I think it is important to do more ibadah than go eat. As for me, I am trying to lessen more time eating outside of my home but more time inside....

Monday, August 8, 2011


8 years ago, after Asar, which then was nearly the same as now, at 4.45pm, I solemnized and officially become the man in someone's life. I was so nervous about going to the mosque from my kampung in Negeri Sembilan, I actually took a wrong turn to the highway. I had to detour nearly 20 kilometers away. I am not sure whether I ever told anyone, including the person I now called wife, about that tale. When it comes to the exact moment for solemnization, I don't think I had any problem, except due to the heat, I was sweating....

Just to commemorate the day 8803, which we have embedded in most of our plate numbers. 4 cars and counting.... One was written off due to an accident. One is being used by your sister. And two is still in our possession.

As this is Ramadhan, let us celebrate this anniversary with a quiet sahur later....

And reflect...