Monday, September 20, 2010

Missing the kids...

Three more days before we come back home and I am missing my kids or better yet cats. Just some pictures to remind me of them and really hoping my sister-in-law is taking care of them....
Naughty Jelly

Sleepy Jelly

Blueberry n Wolfie, our 'adopted cats'

Muffin at her moody best

Cookie trying to win the whole bed in the Who Can Stretch the Most game...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raya in London

While people are counting their Eid days in Malaysia, we are now in London being tourist...

My nieces meeting us in Heathrow

Was here since 5 days ago which was the second day of Eid and we will only go back to Malaysia on the 21st.

Our Raya outfit this year on the first day of Eid

I do have relative and friends here and we kind of the Santa Clause (pun intended) as we brought food and so many 'pesanan' from their relatives in Malaysia to them.

One luggage is full only with food from Malaysia to our relatives here in England

So far, we have done  the London Tour, the shopping, the museum visit (some of them) and even a few meetings (chance or planned) with the said relatives and friends. 

London Eye seen from Westminster Bridge

Tate Modern

Trafalgar Square

The Meridian Greenwich Line which has Kuala Lumpur on it

Bicester Village, the shopping heaven for some
There are more to come...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How has your Ramadhan 2010 been?

It is not actually Ramadhan 2010 but more of Ramadhan 1431. How has it been for everybody else? 

I have feast on so many good food (like always) that the supposed diet that comes with fasting didn't happened. 

Managed to attend only 1 buffet at a restaurant and that was due to my brother-in-law wanting to treat us to something nice.

Had a feast with a few social media and real life friends/clients at my office in the early day of Ramadhan.

Invited staff and a few friends to the house to taste my wife's cooking.

Managed to not 'ponteng terawikh' with the congregation at the surau in my housing area.

Basically, it was a good Ramadhan. And it is hard to say good bye to it but now, I just can't wait for Eid.

Have a great one everyone....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to cure fear of flight

My wife is afraid to fly though she has been on a flight alone from Malaysia to Frankfurt, Germany in 2005 all by herself. Thanks to me who was trying to cure her of flying. She is still afraid to fly and each time we are on a plane (which is every other month as we travel a lot), she will hold my hand and grip it really tight.

Meiying is on the let, seen here with Jerine

So, I did not take the offer by Meiying, a social media friend, who told me maybe I wanted to take my wife on a small plane flight all over KL for our anniversary. I told her again the same thing when I met her at the Social Media Club KL 2 weeks ago. However, she still invited me for a flight session with Reuben Lim who wants to create awareness for KL by Air which is offering these flights at affordable price. So, casually, I mentioned the invite to my wife, Nani, who immediately said "Yes!", without waiting for me to finish the sentence. It was kind of a surprise for me as she was so enthusiastic about it. I know I should have asked her earlier before we celebrated our anniversary but it is better late than never right?

Next thing I know, here are some pictures and videos to tell the story (notice that my wife is sitting in front, all excited and now she wants to do it all over again) :

The entrance to Sg. Besi Airport (it is a TUDM base)
Our fellow fliers that day (the excited looking girl is Claudia)
As it was near Merdeka day, flags were all over Royal Selangor Flying Club
Meeting Reuben for the first time (the guy in blue)
Nani and Jerine in the inside of RSFC
Signing our lives away to Reuben

Walking to the plane

The Cessna that we flew on

A still excited Claudia (she looked very different climbing down, whiter actually)

Reuben briefing us on the safety requirements

When it was our turn, Nani bravely sit at the front

Jerine and I were at the back

Some view from the plabe

Our lives in Nani's hands for about 30 seconds

Batu Caves

Safe landing

Here are some videos of our flight. The take-off (from inside the plane), the stunt that Reuben did (look out for Nani's scream near the end) and the smooth landing.

Here are some other blog posts by Meiying and Jerine about the flight :
If you want more information, you can contact Reuben at or KL by Air Facebook page. Basically, their charges is RM600 per hour (our flight was just 20 minutes) if you fly using a Cessna (from Sg. Besi) or RM1000 per hour if by CR22 (from Subang airport).