Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looking for a hobby to do together

As I was to engrossed in blogging last year and we think that we want to cement our already nearly full-on days of spending time together, we are looking for a new hobby to do together. As we did took golf lesson a few years ago but both didn't really play except for a few 9-holes and Par-3 courses, we decided we will start golf together. I am not going to join any boys only cliques, which usually have 'trips' to certain part of Asia and will stick to playing privately with my wife.

We already did a few sessions at the driving range including one in an indoor golf simulation place in Bangsar Shopping Center. The pictures of her taking a swing or readying to take a swing was from my Blackberry camera but me taking as if that good swing is from a friend's camera. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

#talitenang : social media at its best

One of our leader in Malaysia just announced his displeasure of his fellow Muslims obsession with Facebook and Twitter as it may make them too absorbed in these social media tool that they forgot their duty to Allah (which is another issue altogether). They showed back their displeasure of him by dissing him in Twitter, making him so famous that he became the second trending topic ever from Malaysia. You can know more about him by googling #yorais and a whole lot of explanation can be found.

As much as I want to say that was one of the best show of force by Malaysian on how a rallying call can happen creating a perfect storm which may bring down a person political career, that was one bad use of social media. Social media at its worse, if you must.

Then today, my faith in social media is restored. We walked from one point to another to promote the fact that Malaysians are united. 400 people confirmed in the Facebook page saying they will turn up but only 250 people turned up (which is quite okay) and the organiser, Random Alphabet only promoted it using social media.

It was a small event which people will promote its success through news, blogpost and other social media. It did see people from all walk of life in Malaysia coming together. You can see more photos at my Facebook profile : kruel74 profile

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If your street is too quiet, throw a street party at a neighbouring street

I have a very quiet street thanks to the fact that one half of my street is occupied by the original settler of my neighbourhood, which are the native of Kampung Air Kuning or better known as the Bukit Cerakah area. As I have been joining the neighbouring street for the past few years in their street party which get more and more happening, my wife and I never miss any one of their invite. I play futsal with them, go to various gathering and the street party is a must for us.

Last Saturday, I joined them again. It started tamely enough with people enjoying the two grilled lambs and the special sauce thanks to a real life chef who makes black pepper sauce so good that people steal off for their own use (me too!). We teased a neighbour of us posted to Korea with a direct to Facebook photo where we tag his name showing us eating the lamb.

Then, the game for the kids started with kids of various age until 12 years of age got the chance to win something. Then something for the ladies with a musical chair. Then a men only event where we had to find a few things such as a coin from 2000 (which is quite hard to find actually). Then the men asked for a musical chair event for themselves where the order of the day was pandemonium. The final three participants were brawling for the chair before a clear winner can be determine.

Then at 12am, we actually had a karaoke session after clearing the street of any debris. It was dun, it was loud and it was a bonding experience. I love the camaraderie and the way they accepted us albeit we came from a different street. I hope in the end it will be extended to all but as they say, a small start is a good start too.

Here are some pictures from my Blackberry but for better ones go to their own website at this link : U11-5 Bukit Bandaraya :

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lifestreaming is killing my blogs

I am an avid user of Twitter and Facebook nowadays. They are not something really new in my life but for Twitter, I just realised its potential in being a way to document every single thing in my life as it happens and I can write, creatively or uncreatively, even with pictures and links, in 140 words and people can straight away comment on what I am doing. I am actually having real life conversation in real time with it. Hey, that is what I should tell people who just don't get Twitter the next time.

I have 2 blogs which I update constantly last year. This one and another called Legal Cat-asthrophe. I actually push the pause button my life as I was too immersed in these 2 blogs. Bad move. I nearly lost a book deal and may have not graduated at all from my second degree (which I still need to send in ONE LAST ASSIGNMENT). My existence then was go to places, events and live life while in my spare time, I update my blogs.

As I grow and grow, blog-wise, I was killing my real time social life (which was not that much but it does have a wife in there somewhere). I know that my wife supported my in my 'hobby' but it does put a strain on my obsession with trying to be too faithful to my blogs. Notice that I don't put too faithful to my blogreader? I don't think I have enough to justify living for them...

Anyway, I have lived my blog life for the past 2 years and I gained new friends through them but blogging is not a priority anymore. People did live blogging and use site such as Tumbler etc but as for me, Twitter and Facebook is the best way to lifestream your life. I found the word Lifestream when I joined the last session of Social Media Club Kuala Lumpur where they did a Skype conference with a guy from USA (which I just can't remember his name but a supposed technology evangelist who predicts a lot of things technologically). So, that was what I was doing all this time by updating my Twitter and Facebook in real-time.

Then, a Minister in Malaysia issue a statement we shouldn't be too obsesses with Facebook and Twitter. Especially, the Muslims he said...Yea, right. Then why is the Prime Minister suddenly want to engage with the people. Isn't he your boss? Foot in mouth anyone?

Monday, January 11, 2010

7 Years on...

...and we still can't keep our hands off each other...

And yes, I am talking about my wife. I don't want to jinx anything, with this 8.8.10 will be our 7th year in marriage and everything, but I do believe that this is the secret of a long marriage. My wife seems to be in the same boat with me as we are actually really very much in love with each other physically.

Yeah, yeah, I know....TMI...etc but I just want to share that as much as we love the physical comfort, we are a great partner in business too. In making money and in our taste for books, food, travel and in quieter times, music and just talking.

I do sometimes get on her nerve as much as she gets on mine.

But, what is marriage without some spice...

p/s : If you are reading this dear, I appreciate last year's birthday gift and your new year's resolution too... :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010, the year I travel

As of today, 8th of January 2010, I have booked three tickets for travel around Asia. I am trying to travel to a few countries this year and I am gunning for 4 continents at least. As of now, I'll start with these three booked dates. They are just around Malaysia, except for one which will require 8 hours plus of flight.

One island getaway which I had booked not realising one is on Valentine's day which I never celebrate. My wife will be happy to know we will be spending it on the island which we honeymooned years ago. 2003 to be exact. We loved it then and then disaster struck it in the form of a tsunami in 2004. Nearly the whole island town was gone. Now they say things are back to normal but a bit expensive.

I am talking about Phi Phi Island which is between Phuket and Krabi. We did try going there last year but a short-lived pregnancy terminated that trip. So, this February, I am going to travel to Phuket, straight away go to its ferry terminal, ride the afternoon ferry to Phi Phi Island, spend 3 nights there and then go to Krabi, which I never been to before and then fly off the next day. All is more or less below RM3,000. I think it is a steal. I am going to just lay there and not move and enjoy the view [Last them I was there, no one care to even cover up... :)]

Then in March (I know, bad right, talking about beach and babe then this), I am going to Mecca and Medina which is a small pilgrimage for my wife and I. I did went there in 1986 and I had wanted to go back ever since. And yes, I was there when I was 12 years old (as a gift from my parents when I managed to score 5As in the now defunct Penilaian Darjah 5).

Then in May, I am going to Singapore for Chicago the Musical which I missed when I was in London.

And these trips are not the end of it. For now, in the pipeline, there's Bali, Gold Coast and London. Maybe a few other local trips in between.

Yes, 2010 will be the year, I travel....Really travel....

Gonna be relaxing first in Phi Phi before all those other travels

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Social Media Club, #TwtClub, #Tweetup and events

I know I have neglected my blog for quite sometimes but I was too busy doing things which actually relate to social media network itself. Just imagine this. Since New Year, even on New Year's Eve itself, I have been to three #Tweetups (Twitter Meet-ups). One of it was an unintentional meeting of a group of people I got to know through blogs and Twitter during New Year's Eve.

Then on the 2nd of January, I joined a tweetup which is the inaugural meeting of the #Twtclub which is actually short for Tweet Clubbing not Tweet Club, in which the former was a meeting to go clubbing and the latter is like a book club (?). It was really no problem for me as I had fun and even managed to close a deal....

As for the next day, I went for a real #Tweetup called #SembangLebat2010 which was a discussion among those who know each other through whatever social network either blogs, Twitter or Facebook. It was about everything under the sun and then some...

As I was saying, the internet actually brought me more real friends in life than any other real life. I was also privileged to get business, get new contacts and even had healthy discussion about computer, blogging, business, law, politics and all the thing you will talk with your friends if you ever meet them

I am proud to say that as much as my absence online, it actually due to me turning up off-line.

What you bring into the real world is the real reason why you are here....

As is now my norms, pictures of a few of the event can be found here in my Facebook profile :

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve 2010 : A private party of 2

I checked in into the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, a hotel just beside Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Tower and spent my New Year's Eve 2010 there. It was a plush hotel which set the standard of other hotel and the treatment by the staff plus the fact we were able to check out at 4pm on New Year's day, wow, it was an amazing experience. They really took care of the small thing like a turndown service with slippers put by the side of the bed, a party pack with Alka-Seltzer and their readiness of influx of houseguests who were mostly late for breakfast that day. And all this just for a standard hotel room, not even an executive room or a suite. I mean, now I know why they were so expensive.

If ever I was to open a hotel, big or small, budget or otherwise, this is the standard I am looking for....(I have been to JW Marriott, Ritz Carlton either in Malaysia or in other countries, so, I know a personalise standard when I see one)

As I am too lazy to do a transfer and I did post all my pictures while it happens in Facebook, here are my pictures of the whole celebration. If you have not add me in Facebook, add me and unless your name is a company which I may be a bit skeptical in adding, why not we be friend there too :

New Year 2010 celebration in Facebook