Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How can they kiss upon waking up?

A question which has always been in my wife's and my mind is how can those couple in movies especially Western movies can wake up, either early in the morning or whatever time after they had sex and fallen asleep, then kissed? Not just have more sex but really kiss as if they both have sweet smelling breath? Can people really do that in real life? I mean, who in the world has nice breath after sleeping. Even if you are sleeping for a few minutes. However great you look.

Is there such things in real life? I mean, please tell me, maybe I am wrong, maybe there are people out there who have sweet smelling breath who live somewhere in a country where people who are also sweet smelling in everywhere in other body parts too.

p/s - I know the trick of having mints by the bedside, etc, etc, if you think I am too naive to realised that...

Monday, March 30, 2009

How far are you willing to go for love?

I am reading one of Paulo Cuelho's book with the title Frida about his usual search of enlightenment and magic. I always find his book interesting but as a Muslim who has my own believe, I am more interested in the character presented in it than it's messages. Anyway, the opening of the book starts with the introduction of the main character, Frida. I am currently at page 3 but the first few paragraphs are intriguing as Frida contemplate the question whether she will leave the love of her life for something which she had tried to achieve all her life. In short, love or ambition.

I have never been tested with a question such as that where I need to make a choice between love and ambition. I am where I was career-wise since I started my career. I got to know my wife when I was still struggling and she has seen me driving a small car, renting an apartment to a better car and owning my own house. That is nothing compare to those couples which had to go through economic hardship, sickness and all sorts of things. We may be tested yet but we hope we can get through it with flying colour. 

All the love story that you have read and have watched on the silver screen or the television and you know that love is supposed to make you do the unthinkable. Love is supposed to move mountain. In these medium, even if you steal someone else love, if the former love is a protagonist, it is supposed to be okay. He or she deserved it as he or she might be abusive or just don't understand love as love should be. Seems easy right? That is why books and movies are call escapism...

In reality, love is to be tested before it can be as sweet as it is supposed to be. Those feeling that you feel during that first few months where you cannot get enough of your love one may only be infatuation. It may be true love but how about giving it a few more months or years. Then, you'll see...

How far would you go for love?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Terms of endearment

What do you call your love one? Darling? My love? In Malaysia, the word 'sayang' is use more frequently than the real name of their love ones. They will call it whenever they are together even when they are using an arguments. And it seems Malaysian is not shy about using it in public places. There can so many sayang in one place if that place is a restaurant where people bring their partner or spouse for dinner. Sayang is also a verb and a noun roll together into one. The translation for it will be 'my love' but it is also 'love' as in "Will you love me?". There is even a joke where the word sayang is repeated 7 times with the change in intonations and pause makes it a coherent sentence.

When I was still new in love and after being single for quite some time, changing the term I called my love one was quite a hassle as I am not that romantic type. I even told my now wife that I will never call her sayang in public. Then when we were married, it actually came naturally. There is no embarrassment anymore to call the name of your love one unless it is in a formal gatherings where it will be inappropriate for me to ask someone to call my wife my term of endearment for her.

The only line I draw is putting her name as Sayang in my handphone as if ever my handphone ever get lost, someone may use as a way to abuse it. There are cases in the world where people being conned when somebody calls and say their love one is in danger either due to an accident or being kidnap somewhere. So, I just let her name appear on my phone. 

I think terms of endearment show a certain level of being comfort when you are together. If you are a young couple at least it shows the level of your relationship.It was in mine. From a name to just one word. 

This is the place where familiarity rarely breeds contempt....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eating habit

Those who are close to me knows that I have a weird eating habit. My wife sometimes have go back to her mother's or in certain occasion partnered with my own mother to eat certain type of food, especially certain Malay food. Don't get me wrong, I am a full blooded Malay that the only foreign blood in my vein are those of  my ancestors who can be traced back to Sumatra. That was what I was told. 

My weird eating habit may be due to how I was brought up. As I was living with my grandmother for three years, she never didn't allow me to eat anything I want. If I want some instant noodle, she will cook it, even early in the morning. I don't like fish except for pomfret, then I always get chicken for meals. I hated vegetables and would try to throw it from my plate so she didn't cook any if I was eating alone. In short I was a spoilt brat.

Nowadays, these eating habit still stuck with me. I don't eat rice every day. I can sometimes go to not eat rice for weeks. This is rare for Asian and Malaysian. Some of my friends, be them Malay, Chinese or Indian, consider not eating rice as not eating at all. They don't feel they have eaten anything unless they have rice. For me, I would rather eat some bread or just a steak or even whatever dish my wife wanted to try to cook.

I think the most unforgivable of my eating habit is me not eating durian. A delicacies all South East Asian people enjoys. For me, I was bullied when I was kid by my brothers who tried to get me to eat some but I never gave in. And to make people baffled some more of this fact is that my mother owns a durian orchard and I can choose the best durian among a bunch of them. To appease them, I usually take some of my friends there when the durian season comes around.

And to make matter worse, durian is my wife favourite fruit and she has to clean her teeth properly everytime she has some. Hmmm... I think that is one thing I will never change for her.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Surprise messages

I am currently reading a book where a mother loved to leave messages for her son in various places.It reminded me of my own experience in relation to surprise messages. I travelled extensively between 2002 and 2004 as during that time I was one of a member of two entourages for these clients of mine who always travel abroad on business. 

Within that period I have been to China, Dubai, London, Europe, countries around South East Asia and Australia. I nearly went to the Americas but the cost gave pause to the person who wanted to sponsor me for that trip. Oh, I never had to pay a sen for all these trips. I even got some pocket money for them.

Anyway, after 2003, which is the year I was married, it became a point of contention between my wife and I. One trip to China, I had to be away for nearly 2 weeks. She was not really happy about it. In the long run she kind of accept it as part and parcel of my job. 

On more than one occasion, she surprised me with a few secret message stashed in various parts of my luggage. The messages itself were full of sexy connotations but the wrapping most of them came in were another matter altogether. If not for having roommates as I usually shared a room with somebody, it would have been fully utilised (hmmm...maybe I did utilised it once)

Thinking about it make me want to go back to those times....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sick sex

Ever done it? Not having those type of sex which may not be everyone's cup of tea. Unless you are into BDSM or S&M or whatever they call those sex where one of you need to be tied up and there's a whip involves. I know there are a few of you out there who can only feel satisfied if you do it like that. This is more about when you are sick with flu or some non-life threatening disease but you still have sex.

Do you do it with your spouse or partner? Can you get it up or be in the mood? Some people will think nothing of it. Some will never do it as they can't imagine having sex with someone who is sick.

Come on, don't you think if your love one was just having the flu but he is not that sick but with a bit of a cough and a bit of a runny nose. Or how about if your spouse just sprain an ankle or a finger. Will you stop sex altogether or you will do other sexual act except the act itself which can satisfy but is not really sex (in short, masturbation). On my part, it depends on the sickness and the length of the last time I had sex from that time I crave for it. If I am not too sick but has been off it for quite some times, I may still want it.

Any thoughts on this?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


You know that song once sung by Babyface and Des'ree where the lyrics tell of the great love across time like Samson and Delilah; Romeo and Juliet. It tells of how they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. How they can't wait to reach their destination and how when they kiss... there seems like fire. 

You ever feel that with the one that you love? Secret glances? Knowing touch? Signals.

When you have people around, that is your only communication woth your partner. You don't need words. You don't even need to be look at her or him to convey your need. You and her, when you get that privacy that you crave, the explosion that occurs will make both of you breathless.

That is, if you really have the time. And doesn't need for your two kids to go to sleep. Or your spouse suddenly lose the mood. Or you suddenly been called by someone important.

I mean, of course there are still that fire but sometimes, life just have to intrude....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sex is the answer to EVERYTHING!!!

I once had this one client who use SEX as the answer to all the problem that he has. Or for anyone who ask him any question. Or anyone within earshot when he is in his playful mood. Basically, he has this perception on everything. Here how it goes :

You feel tired? Too much sex

You feeling lethargic? Not enough sex

You feel unhappy? Not enough sex

You feel depressed? Not enough sex

You can't concentrate? Not enough sex

Not feeling healthy? Too much sex or not enough sex, it can be either one...

Basically, the idea is, all the problem in the world can be solved by sex. Or is it caused by sex?

You decide...

p/s - to a certain extent, I would like to say he is correct in a way...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Handbag carrier

Why oh why must the new generation do it? I have seen it in malls and I sometimes just want to go to these guys and speak my mind about it. I know they think it is part of the whole chivalry thing but it is not. This is disgraceful and it is never to be intended as such. Ask all the handbag designer who design designer handbags, say it together now,


Not you, the man. And please you are carrying all wrong by putting it on your shoulder like that. And please, your excuse that it is heavy and you are just helping a lady does not make sense at all. If they have an oversize handbag, they choose to do so and they should be the one who is carrying it.

I mean, there are no apparent reason for this to be the norm. You are in love and everything, but what justify this? You can still carry their luggage, if they have one or whatever they have bought. You can even carry them if you want to, but please lah, those things that they call a handbag? That's for them to take care of by themselves. Unless they went to the ladies and someone need to hold it for them. Or for whatever valid reason.

But, please, just for the sake of humanity and manhood, let the ladies carry their own handbag.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My friend got married to an actress and I got to know it through a magazine

My friend and his bride is the last couple
(the one with headgear and the wife with covered head)

Yep, I found out about him like all the other 28 Million Malaysians. Maybe with the 100,000 who read these entertainment magazines. The couple in the middle is one of Malaysia supposedly hottest couple (that was before they were kind of given the cold shoulder by the press after a few PR disaster)

I was told by my friend he was getting married when I visited him in Kelantan during the fasting month, which was in September 2008. As his age and mine is the same, I said it was about time. Little did I realised that he was serious about it.

Then, in December 2008, all of us from the same alma mater short message in our handphone. It was an announcement from him on his engagement which everyone can get details from in the magazine you see above. So, I got the detail there and found that the lady he was marrying is supposed to be famous. All my staff know her but that was my first time seeing her name. 

So, that is how you tell someone if you get married to an actress.

p/s - They are already husband and wife when this post is published. Congratulation to them!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


In my opinion, there are two types of maneater. One is those who is known to look for wealthy man, date them and take them for all they are worth. Some even marry these men before dumping them if the men seem to run out of cash. What they really want is the alimony and the settlement. The one who does not 'do' marriage  and just want to have some fun, either having someone who they can rely on to foot their bill but who they don't give full access to their 'treasure' or those who believes their body is not the temple that they should keep to themselves. Of course, men usually love the second type better than the first one.

Some of them do have profession or other things to do. Some of them are just students. Some are just 'born' to be one of them. Some sometimes have jobs which relates to the high sexual expectation of their suitors like guest relation 'officer' or better known as GRO here in Malaysia, those which allow them to use their place of business as the place for them to pick up their targets. There are of course others who are just like any other girls and they cannot be labelled as such but they sure have been around the block once or twice or thrice. 

The second type of meneater are those who I would like to call the tigress. They will bite your head off if you approach them or think that they care about what you are feeling or that you want to date them. They will not give you the time of the day even if you are the macho type of man with flashy car and enough cash to buy them anything they want. Especially of you are that type. 

Once, I was attracted to these type of women and I still have a soft spot for these type of women as in I know when I meet these ladies on occasions. They speak their mind. Don't blink if you dare to stare them in their eyes and you can bet your ass they are the one who wears the pants in a relationship.

An example : Angelina Jolie

Friday, March 20, 2009

The best time to have sex

This is not another I-still-don't-have-a-child-so-I-have-to-try-and-try-again post. I have told that type of story a few times already. I told the story how I kept on donating 'my boys' in the post Trying and a sex session in the post Scheduled Sex.

This time, let us talk about the real thing. The question is, what is the best time for you? Not a quickie, wham-bam-thank-you-madam kind of sex but the one where there is build up, knowing that you are finally going to do it (for the new couple) or for those who have not met for a long time or even for those who are married and doing it regularly. For all thing, you surely have a favourite time. 

Let me give you an example. Some novelist likes to write at night. Some love jogging in the morning. Some love to sleep early. Some love to wake up very early. Some love sleeping late. Some wants their break fast at 11am. Some don't have breakfast at all.

This is the question of time.

Afternoon delight? Between those 1pm and 5pm when people are busy at work and once in a while you steal some time to be with your partner as it is the best time where you really enjoy it (or this is the only time your lover is free. Warning bells!!!)

Early morning? For men, this is the best time as their boys will be at their best after resting the whole night and it is known to wake up at this hour.

The usual nightime between 10pm to 2am according to the time you go to bed.

For Muslims, Thursday night is the best time as our holy day of the week (Sabbath) is Friday...

Or you don't have a preferred time. Just when it strike your fancy...

Like me...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

If a women wear lingerie, what should the men wear?

I have a genuine question. The women have it easy then it comes to looking sexy. They have all this store, La Senza, Xixili, even those which sold grandma underwear like Wacoal has now wised up and is selling lingerie other than just bra and panties. Even the underwear are wild enough to be taken as lingerie. Which means that the ladies don't have any problem having the 'Bridget Jone' complex when they want to get it on with their man, even if it is their first time. 

My question is, How About the Men? What should they wear to look sexy?

I know that women would say, men can look sexy just by being naked and showing off their six-packs abs and chest hair. But how about us normal guys out here? Those with the need to hide some of our bulging stomach. Whose stomach is six pack in a barrel. Or even those who have the normal slim body with nothing to show except their bones. Don't we need some special type of something to enhance our appearance. As much as the emphasise is on how hard we need to be, which have made millions for those who sell all those  enhancers. Don't get me started on the extender which supposedly can help you elongate your manhood. As much as your equipment plays an important part, can't we say the same for the women? But they still get to wear those lingerie and we are left with? 

Boxers? See-through underwear? Crotchless underwear? Thong? (there are those for men, but please, do not wear them to the beach) How about just plain shorts? Or whities?

Any other that I miss out?

And this is just one of the latest 'underwear' from Wacoal

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another reality show to satisfy the masses

The Club : Mist
I was given the opportunity to cover the first public appearance of the Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 which is currently being shown online at www.malaysiandreamgirl.tv in which you can vote for your favourite girl to be the next model? I actually don't know the motive of the event except that it involves girl and they are required to model. Having Andrews Model as one of its sponsor which will give the winner a portfolio seems to make it as such.
 It starts at 8pm and the DJ, Double D, who is a friend, did a great job the whole night

The show from the girls start with them showing off some lingerie from Wacoal. Their new range call sorci age are more like those corset-like underwear which supposedly to be shown off. Even the host/judge Elain Daly was wearing one the whole night. Wacoal was kind enough to give the RM1000-00 to the best girl who showed of their ware. And it was won by Ming (the second picture)

Then they were showing us the hardwares from HP and Intel. All of them actually look ill at ease as they have these laptops and handphone (which company of the two produce them?) and they have to use their creativity to show what they are holding to the audiences.

HP current netbooks which they used in the show

Then they come out in dresses :

In Cheong-sam

  And finally in evening dresses designed by Lim Kok Wing students

The whole show was hosted by Elaine Daly and supported by Fly FM deejays Jules and Prem. During one of the intervals, they called up 6 men to do catwalks down the runaway and 6 ladies to pole dance using real human poles. 

All in all it was just like any normal fashion show with the girls trying to vie the attention of the people to vote for them as the votes will determine whether they stay or not. As for me, I still have not catch the reality show bug yet so I am just going to stick to Fringe and Dollhouse for my entertainment. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pretty maids in a row

The Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 contestant in their lingerie

Was given a free entrance to see a glorified model search called the Malaysia Dream Girl yesterday. I have never actually been to any event which have the title 'beauty pageant' although I did get invitations among others to the Malaysia Miss Universe pageant last year. After seeing this one, having to wait for them to change and having to endure party games which were hosted by radio deejays (or are they called announcers now?) whose voice actually is not that great but has the luck of being picked as one. It may be their a mile a minute talks which made them what they are today. Never mind if what they say is not even worth mentioning.

As it was an event where you can watched online as it is tout as the first ever online reality series, you can check it out at MALAYSIA DREAMGIRL. I was expecting nothing groundbreaking or worthwhile going there and that was what I got. As it was also the first bloggers event that I ever attended to the fullest, I was dissapointed that we were just there to act as a media representative, which the email sent to us should have mentioned rather than expecting.

The girls did come out in the first instance in lingerie sponsored by Wacoal and that did make the crowd goes while but each time any one of them speak, what came out are squeaks. If the Idol competition is supposed to ask the question "Is this the one which represent Americe/Australia/Malaysia/-insert country here-" when you vote for any one of them, the question that which should have been asked of us is "Is this the girl that you dream of when you go to sleep?". Sadly, it is just another modeling competition. Maybe they will only be the stuff of dream after they have won as there can be only one dream girl. Oh, wait, it is already in its second season, surely now there are going to be two.

Here is another picture and the rest I'll post tomorrow in a real reporting style writing....

In their cheong sam

Monday, March 16, 2009


I rarely mention in this blog about my family other than my wife and my cats. I did mention the relationship between my wife and my mom which is less than stellar but that was basically how far I went with regards to mentioning my family. It's not as if I don't have one as all my two brothers are alive and well as is my parents.

Being the youngest in the family with my other siblings being men, sure make my life seems easy as compared to those families where the brothers and sisters had to tolerate each other although if they have a choice they may choose to have someone else as their family. I was never that close with my two brothers. Each of us is separated by 4 years of age different. I am four years younger than my second brother as he is with my eldest brother. Convenient huh? My mom did told us that she actually had a few episodes of miscarriage in between us but seems that there are only us as her children.

Relation between us siblings are not that close as we never really had a chance to go to school together as all of us goes to boarding school when we reached secondary school. All of us are schooled at different places in the country. The only time my brother and I ever been in the same school was when he was in Standard 5 and 6 and I was in Standard 1 and 2 respectively. Then he went off to secondary school. 

My second brother became a doctor moved to the south of Malaysia and married a dentist there. They now have two kids and he is in a private practice which he owns. My eldest brother graduated as an engineer from the University of Michigan, USA but went off the IT line immediately upon returning to Malaysia. 
The only real relation which I have with my brother is my eldest brother love for books, movies and passion for business. He did try to set up his own company once but he worked too long with another company once that he went back in as an employee with another company shortly after his company close down. As for my second brother our relation is more on the legal advice that I dispense in exchange with his medical advice. However, once in a while, we do try to gather at our parent's and this time for the first time we are going off on a holiday together. 
Maybe time do make us appreciate family more....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last minute

I think this is what they meant by procrastinating. Putting off something which you can do a few months ago. It is four o'clock in the morning. I have just sent my assignment for one of my Islamic finance Masters class to the lecturer using the internet system reserved for us. Thank God there was no problem for the system to receive my assignment although it did warned me that I am sending the assignment late. The dateline? Yesterday 14.3.09. When I sent it, the clock had just turn to 15.3.09 more than four hours. Hmmm... Hope he is not too strict in that matter.

Have you ever done this? Doing something at the last minute. I remember those long queue when the police discounts to motorist who had summon in their name. A lot of people turned up 2 days before the campaign ends although the whole of two weeks before that rush, the queue was empty. 

I have been doing this sleep late at night to do assignments since my school days. I even sent my thesis for my bachelor degree at the tail end of the dateline. My professor was strict then but she was nice enough to accept my final draft. I got an A- for that effort. Maybe not all people will accept it or do it on a regular basis. 

Just cannot take a swipe at my EPL rival. Just now somebody said the score of 4 -1 which was suffered by Manchester United due to lost against Liverpool. Some smart aleck says ManUtd still can come and ask to be move as he claims he is disable. A team which like to score last minute. Hmmm... not that time. They lost, big time...

Do you do things last minute?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I will never be your woman

Ever heard of the song titled as above by White Town where the word that they use is

"I will never be your woman"

and it was sang by a guy.

I always argued with a friend of mine that he was repeating what his woman was saying but my friend kept saying it was he saying that he is actually gay and he won't be at the receiving end. 

What do you think? 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Marrying again

A few months ago, we were invited to a wedding in our neighbourhood. A daughter of one of the oldest resident in our area was getting married. Again. She was a divorcee and she already has 4 children. She was marrying a bachelor and people kept saying that she was lucky to get a bachelor who is willing to share her life, even though she already has children of her own. 

Last week, I went to the house of an old friend of mine. She also married again after a bitter divorce from her former husband. Why I remembered her divorce so well was due to the time she told me of her divorce, I was in the middle of getting married. Nice timing huh...

One morning within this week, I also had breakfast with one of my neighbour about marrying again. The reason? He was so busy for the past week that we didn't had a chance to meet. I ws asking him what he had been doing and that was when he told me that he was busy as he was marrying off his father-in-law. This man had divorced once and married a Brazilian citizen whom he had 4 kids with. After some time, they decided to move to Brazil but the man stayed back awhile in Malaysia to settle a few matters. After a few months, he decided he didn't want to go to Brazil. He did not divorce the Brazilian wife but he proposed to another lady who was already 42 years of age and has 4 children of her own. As a Muslim, as long as he can afford it, marrying another is allowed. My staff who was divorced a few years back is also getting married this coming weekend and she also has one daughter from her previous marriage.

Our topic then veers under the same vein as we talked about a friend of mine telling of someone who lives within my neighbourhood who she knows who passed away a few months before. It seems that that person was involved in an accident and died. Her husband was left with their 2 young children. There is another person whom we know whose husband passed away a few months back. Both these widowers had now find someone new and got married. As I am happily married to my wife, I was just wondering if it ever happen to me and I did post about something in the similar vein once. Read that posting here.

Would you?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let us talk football or soccer

I am actually an avid fan of a football club in England by the name of Arsenal. I have been following their plight, for better for worse since 1990s. I think in the United States football is called soccer as they have a national pastime called American football. I have not really like football until I was taught by my course mates on the beauty of the game. As we do a lot of thing with our hands, the skill of handling a ball with our feet is exceptional to a chosen few. That is why football legend Pele coined the term it is a "beautiful game".

Football must be the most intriguing mystery to the female mind as much as men wondering how many shoes a woman need (read my take on it here which basically explain the difference between our shoe needs and theirs). I know that there are currently women or girls who love football as much as men but they are just like men who loves to watch Victoria Secret's fashion show. When it is time for the real reason, it is always about the way certain footballer looks or how they have a 'hard' body. The game itself is just a thing they learn as and when it is on TV. 

I may touch a few nerves here but in Asia, a few years back there were suddenly an influx of women television host who were supposed to be the new type of women who loves football as much as men. They tried it out that one season and then they discover, as much as men love watching women (especially beautiful ones) hosting shows, they just couldn't accept the idea of women talking about football. Especially when they don't really know what they are talking about. I think the network owner realised that they are dicing with danger of losing viewership then revert back to men hosting these shows. Women can gush over men in
their own magazine shows.

As for me, I have no problem having to ask the women of my life in participating in my passion. All of them hates football. In my whole family there are only 2 of the men who really watch football. My dad and my elder brother don't really like it. My wife and my mother will only scratch their head when I got excited over a game. My mom even scold me if I shouted at the TV if there was a missed penalty or over other things happening on the field. To them there are 22 fools running around chasing one ball. To me that is the beauty of game.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The memory of running

My jogging track
Every other day, according to the level of my determination to stay in shape, I will jog around my housing area. As my housing area is the envy of those exercise freak who use the road leading to my house as their jogging and bicycle track. As it was a part of a forest reserve once and was mired in controversy when it was given to the developer who developed it into a housing estate, just to get to the first house within it, you need to drive at least one kilometre (about 0.6 miles) in. My house itself is 2.5 km or 1.7 miles from the entrance.

What I do every week, on those week when I stick to my exercise regime throughout, on weekdays, I will be shaping myself up with a short jog around the phases. As there are 4 phases for me to chose, I alternate between the two of them every other day. So, that take care of my fitness for the one real jog on Saturday or Sunday. On either day, I will try to tackle my ultimate Everest. It is nothing to the average marathon runner as 3/4 of the route is flat and the finale is a half mile of hill climbing. If I manage to do the whole rout, it can be said that I have jog a whole of 5 km.

This 5 km is the determination of how fit am I. If I manage to do it properly, which mean a run without stopping except to change direction at the end of 2.5 km, then I aced it. If I manage to do it where certain places I have to change pace, then, it is consider good but not excellent. If I have to stop and walk in parts, I consider there is something wrong with myself. If I can't even climb the hill, I need to take caution. Right now, I am at the not so fit phase, I have been neglecting my exercise. Other than some tightrope skipping and gardening around the house, I actually is in danger of being an unfit guy. For me who has a not so ideal weight with a tendency to overeat, it is not good.

As it is, this is a new week and here I go again...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How stuffed can one be?

Last week I had an out of body experience and a trip down memory lane when I had dinner one night but was so stuffed until the next day. The food was Arabian and I shared it with my wife. It was a big meal as only the Arabs can. The problem is we ordered like we were eating western food. That means we ordered a starter before the main course. Big mistake.

How did we managed to stuffed ourselves? We went out early at 7pm. We arrived at the Le Meridien hotel which housed the restaurant at 8pm in which we proceed to the maitre'd to try to get a table. The name of the restaurant was Al Nafourah. Although I read somewhere the place is always fully booked, I did not make any reservation. Maybe it was our lucky day when the maitre'd straight away bring us to a table for two. 

Upon sitting, we took a few minute to go through it's menu and we decided to call the waiter to help us in ordering. He suggested a set of three starters which includes a plate of hummus (whipped chick pea), a salad with some crispy chips (I think the name was Muhammarah) and a plate of tabbouleh. For the main course, we ordered a mixed grill to share. We also asked for two type of flat round bread, which includes a pita and a flatter version, which I forgot it's name. It were sent at a commendable period and as we ate these starters, a lady came out entertaining us with belly dancing. Note the word 'lady' to show my muted excitement.

These are just the starters

Anyway, after we were stuffing ourselves with this starters, I asked for the menu again just out of curiosity. Although in my mind I know the order was more than enough, I ordered a plate of fried calamari. Needless to say, all the starters were superb and we finished all of them.Then the plate of mixed grilled was served right before the calamari. We started on it without stopping. There was some grilled lamb, frilled chicken and meats. The lamb and meat were passable but the chicken was superb. Halfway, we started to feel stuffed. We talked to the waiter and told him maybe we packed it up in a doggy bag. He told us there's a no take home policy. He said we surely could finished it as they close quite late. 

We enjoyed another belly dancing performance at 10.30pm and it took us another half hour before we managed to finished all of our food. In the end, we were really stuffed. I ordered some Lebanese tea and as I was drinking that we called for the bill. As the title said, it was about stuffing oneself. I remember when I was a kid, I sometimes told my mom I was still not hungry during the day, especially morning, if we had a big dinner the day before. This time, it happened to me during my adult years. I was not hungry well until it was 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I was so stuffed that I did not feel hungry at all through breakfast and lunch. Now I know how it felt to be so full...

The said belly dancers showing her skills

Monday, March 9, 2009

Why men easily get in trouble sexually

This post comes from an idea formed when I saw a youtube video on how to hide one's hards-on if ever the big boy decides to wake up. The actor was hiding it using body positioning, thoughts and various other devices so not to be too obvious he is feeling a bit excited (sorry, I don't have a link to it). However, I think, this comes to another idea on how men always seem to get into trouble sexually more than women. The problem lies in our anatomy in which when we get excited, our manhood will stick out. Differentiate it with women who have their hidden and their excitement may only be evident if something is put in. I know, I sound crude and vulgar but let see this on a science point of view.

When a man is excited, he will have something which is not easy to hide sticking out from the middle of his body. When it is sticking out, all sort of mischief starts forming in his mind. For the one who has a much dirtier or worse, evil mind than other men, which lacks self control, he will try to find a place to release the pressure that is forming in his body. That pressure point can be a bane to some and can even be a turning point of evil being done. In date rape cases, usually people will go out, have a drink, go back home and when the are two of them in the house, if the couple starts to make out then who will be more excited and can't stop himself. Of course, it is the man. That is why you should never lead a man. You think they have other things on their mind when they are excited?

So, the next time you see a man being excitable and all, try to calm him down. As much as you want to get into the sack with him, think about whether you are ready to do it or not. If you are not of the right mind, have a friend whom you can trust to be with you. If you excite a man, then be aware of his shortcoming (pun intended). This may be a lame explanation especially when it comes to those sick minds who do more than just try to have sex with women but even torture and kill them or those pedophile who seems to be a growing community in itself. What I try to explain here are the normal average guy who seems to be a walking sex maniac when he becomes excited about something sexual. Tread with caution...

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Why doesn't the Malaysia restaurateur who put up the sign 'self-service' really stay true to their signage? They still charge us the 5% service tax and they still clean up after us. I mean, if you are a self-service restaurant, shouldn't you NOT hire all this people to do all this work which actually is supposed to be done by the customer itself. The problem with Malaysian not cleaning up after themselves are due to the restaurant pampering them too much and not asserting themselves well on these people. They keep on hiring immigrants to do this supposedly 'dirty' job but never think outside the box of cutting cost.

I think most Europeans and Americans understands that when you are given a tray to pick up your food, you are also expected to put the tray at a tray collecting trolley which is basically there all over the self service place. Some like McDonald's who have disposable cutlery, you can just chug all what you have bought into a bin and stack the tray on top of the bin. All this have been made easy by the industry. What is lacking is the culture.

When I was touring Europe, being Malaysian, I was also uncultured enough to put my tray away after I eat. The friend who became my tour guide then had to tell me where to put the tray. I then saw the tray trolley being wheeled into the kitchen making it easier for a very skeletal crew to run the whole restaurant with minimal cleaning staff. This self-service business culture may come out of a need for an efficient way to run a restaurant with as little crew as possible. It may not be popular at a time when people are looking for jobs but for a business owner, it is a need that they have to consider. Make do with the locals who can really man the counter and clean up if there are spills but for the cleaning up, the full self-service business model is the best cost-cutting measure. Come on, do it already...

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I watched the Sex and the City movie starring the one hit series phenom Sarah Jessica Parker and her 3 other has-been-who-gets-a-second-life actresses thanks to this series on TV and now a movie. The theme is about being forgiving. I really think they nail it in 2/3 of the movie until all these unforgiving persons suddenly had an enlighten moment and forgave each other. You see, in real life, I say all that is just bull-shit.

In real life, the women will forever be hurtful and will rather be alone (and like Cameron Diaz character said in Something About Mary - "There's the vibrator to keep me company") than forgive the lying-cheating-son-of-a-bitch-bastard-no-good...man (fill in the space with as many expletives that you want). Being forgiving is not an option. Being revengeful is...especially if there is another woman after. You want a REAL movie about love in the big city, watch the Break-up with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan. Now, that is a real revengeful, unforgiving movie. Which is the real life played on the big screen.

Why is it when a man make a mistake, the woman will never consider to forgive him until it is too late. He meet another woman or he moves on and the woman will just keep on saying she actually loves him but she was betrayed or what he did was unforgivable. If it is the woman who makes a mistake, unless the man is a deranged lunatic, which is always the case nowadays, the man can look deep into himself and forgive her. From what I know, it is alawys about the man having another woman in his life or some other factor which relates to his unfulfill sexual needs. Either it is too much or too little of it.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to say men are always at fault or women are never to blame. This post is about being forgiving and I believe all need to learn on how to do it properly. Forgiving can still be done without letting the one who did the wrong into your life. It will make you at peace with yourself. Try it. It may be the best thing you ever done...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hitching up your trousers

Everybody knows who Urkel is. If you don't know, then you are just too young. But this guy was the epitome of nerd for quite sometimes. A nerd who don't have a style living in the years of buff-up guys ruling the roost. When nerds are nerds and not cool geeks who owns an empire while lording over other people. Some got stuffed into lockers. Some couldn't even walk on the street without being chase by other boys.

What is so special about Urkel? It is how he dressed. He always hitch his trousers as of it depends on it being so high up halfway of his body for it to not fall. Even if he already has a suspender to help it up.

Have you seen this being done in public? Yes, actually it is something totally normal for men to do. They stand somewhere and they try to hitch their trousers discreetly. How discreet can one be if you can only do it if you are standing. Then you still need to do some adjustment to your shirt on top. This act will not go away as much as anything women do discreetly. The feeling after the adjustment? A feeling of superiority as you can now walk with more onlookers looking at your hitched trousers.

It may not be at par with scratching your balls in public or adjusting your underwear so you have room to breath. It can be done in private but why bother when a person of a certain age looks at you and wondering why did they let him out? He is a mess. I have this theory, why all these kids playing and wearing clothes several time too big for them. With clothes that big, hitching up trousers is the least of their worries. For them, their underwear is to be seen and the trousers is to be worn below the ass. No one will want to hear about how to bring up trousers which is already on his or her knee.

Whatever it is, the spirit of Urkel lives on to remind us on how one can still look uncool while being cool...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Panties in a bunch...

"Don't get you panties in a bunch"

This expression has been sung in songs (I think it was by Eminem) and said by a few famous people which actually does not have to do with real panties, which means that it is a figurative expression. As a figurative expression, the meaning that the speaker tries to convey is that for the listener or those who he or she is directing the words to is for them to not let their mind be too worried about  a particular matter. In short, the message is "do not worry about this matter".

However, being the inquisitive mind that I am, I would like to dissect what the expression means (I love dissecting, you should see those things that I have dissected and never put back together). The expression of course comes from a lady's panties being bunch up during the course of them wearing it making them a bit uncomfortable and fidgetting around. Apply that scenario to the mind is an inquisitive mind which wants to know an answer to a burning question (which is another expression altogether). So, panties in bunch is something which your mind wants an answer to.

Why is panties in bunch used to describe what I have try explain in the paragraph above. Ever have your panties in bunch? It is not very comfortable is it? It can get between the crack of your ass and you try to do the impossible movement of trying to get it out using whatever muscle is there (is it the pelvic?) but after much attempt it is just frustatingly unsuccessful. If you are a man, you will just pull whatever it was that made you uncomfortable (as you can see I use the analogy of panties to describe underwear for both man and woman, though panties are usually worn by women, in general). If you are a woman, you may go to the loo and do it discreetly there although I have seen those who do it in public places as if she was trying to get something out of a small hole (which maybe true to some extent, you get thei idea)

So, ever had your panties in a bunch? Figuratively or otherwise?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Male bashing

I have just watched again the movie 'Guess Who' which starred the late Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher. In that particular movie, there was this scene where the two rivalling men, who were left to sleep on their own when both managed to anger their spouse/partner respectively the night before. The ladies have been having a whole night of male bashing session in which they drank until they were drunk. The guys did the same thing but what they talked about was on how to get back on their partners' good side. The same premise was used before in Jerry Maguire in which Tom Cruise had to actually beg Renee Zellweger character to accept him back. With that "You complete me!" speech in front of her sister's divorcee support group. Cruise really had it tough there...

What do women actually talked about in these sessions? They already are in control of their men's life, clothings and activities. They will be the one who arrange the comings and goings of their husbands and they are the one who should know everything about their spouse's life. When they lose control of this, especially for older couple, due to a change in lifestyle (retirement) or something which trigger the men to act differently (new hobby), the women will suddenly feel they have lost that control which was in their hands before. This is the moment matters can get out of hand and arguments can result more than just one of the party stomping off into the bedroom.

So, losing control of what, how, where and when something happens in the life of their spouse. Some may be under the control of their spouse and they are a different creature altogether. When they manage to summon the courage into breaking free of the shackle that they have been under, they would sometimes be fiery than a dragon being awoken. Whether that is for the better or for the worse is anyone's guess.

Let us look back at the movies. In the first movie, the male bashing session is due to the foolishness of Bermie Mac character in dealing with his daughter's boyfriend issue. It was not an issue of a wrong being done but more of someone's feeling being slighted and having accumulate over the years these unforgiving feelings, the wife suddenly felt it was time for some lesson. 

In Jerry Maguire, Jerry did not heed the advice of his friend who asked him to search his heart first before taking the plunge and when the crunch time comes, he did not manage to convince the woman in his life that he really love her. The support group in which Jerry had to make his case was Renee's character's sister's group who met every week and support each other as everyone had a worse story to tell on how they became a divorcee.

In my own experience, I sometimes have to endure the male-bashing session in my office full of women especially if the conversation starts with "Men!". In those session which I can make my exit, I try to do it as quietly as possible before they notice me as one of 'them'. The problem is being a few of the male in the office, I do tend to be caught in the crossfire. Especially if we decided to have lunch together and suddenly someone was reminded of something that their spouse or partner had done the night before.

Any story of your own of an all-out male bashing session?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The question you should never answer...

...which I answered truthfully. Yes, that question which they whispered at the club they called the Already Married Club. The question is "Do I look fat in this?". And yes, I am someone who loves to flirt with danger. I answered "Yes", if the answer I should be saying is that. And yes again, I am still alive and well, living in this small country I called Malaysia with all my limbs intact and breathing properly through a nose, not broken by any sudden move from the person who wanted me to answer that question.

I actually wonders why people would want to ask a question which they want to hear an answer to. I know, psychologist and women's magazine have said that you need to be tactful when dealing with the fairer sex about their looks and their heart. I beg to differ (as only a lawyer could without thinking of the consequences). 

My argument is based on the reason for the question. It is asked in order for the women to do a few things :-

1) So that they can assess whether they need to do any adjustment to the dress that they are wearing;

2) They need to know whether they need to do more exercise and whether the hard work that they have put in paid off;

3) If they have just given birth, they wanted an affirmation that they have really get back their 'before' figure;

4) They need to know whether all the money spent on the diet pill, girdle or other assortments of clothing which is supposed to make them slimmer do make them slimmer;

5) They need to know whether the tailor really did manage to do justice to the beautiful piece of cloth they bought which was then turned into a beautiful dress. Especially if the cloth was expensive and the tailor is supposed to be the best in town;

So, based on this just 5, with countless other justification, I herewith my lord (or is it madam), I think I reserve the right to answer the age-old question as truthfully as possible. Of course, if any of you suddenly couldn't contact me after more than 5 days or saw this blog not being updated more than one month, can you please contact the nearest police station within my area and see whether I am alive and well....

I think your butt looks a little big there dear...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Going commando

I had this friend once who was a kind of roommate to me during my university years. He was not renting with me but likes to hang out in my room nearly every other day as I have the room to myself while others share. Of course, I pay more of the rent too. Anyway, this friend of mine is the type who will never, ever wear an underwear for whatever reason. He is always changing his clothes by wearing his top first, either a shirt or a t-shirt, so it will cover his ass and balls while he put on his pants. For me who is an underwear wearer through and through it was a bit disconcerting and I always let him use the room after he took a bath.

Some girls that I know love it when their men do not wear any underwear. Some don't. For those who don't mind, it may be because it will be easier for them to gain access to the things that underwear is supposed to protect. For those who mind, I think in their mind it is more hygienic for the men to have something to separate their crown jewel with their pants. For me, it will be easier to control the damn thing which seems to have a mind of it's own especially when it sense something which may excite it. It is also more hygienic as men as much as women discharge unmentionables once in a while, whether voluntary or involuntary.

There are also certain school of thoughts which says that wearing an underwear when you are sleeping will stifle the development of your lovable 'pet'. During my secondary school years, the juniors were always teased if seen to be wearing a pajama in which their undies could be seen as school's endorsed pajamas were usually white in colour and are see-through. The seniors would give the junior a lesson in the importance of keeping their most important asset breathable when they sleep especially when they reached morning and the thing start to elongate itself.

Nowadays, as much as I like to wear some underwear to work, I do tend to go on commando when I am wearing a snug and fit jeans which will keep the boy down. Even if it suddenly feel the need to wake up, in that tight environment, it usually goes to sleep as the constricted area will not allow it to survive. Unless, it receive encouragement from it's owner or someone who is interested for it to be awake....

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yes, men actually are gossipers too. They just wouldn't admit to it, ever. Why do you think men takes a long time to get back home if they are at the corner stall or at the watering hole. They will act as if they were discussing the important matters like current issues or the economic slowdown or things that matters. They are actually discussing about a politician marrying a particular artist. A woman in their neighbourhood who seems loose and wear scandalous clothings. All the things that women gossip but done with more plomb and gusto.

In my circle of friends, whom I rarely meet nowadays, there is this one guy who people call a public service announcer. Just tell him about anything, that particular story will reach the whole lawyer's community within days. If a judge snapped during a trial either due to lack of evidence or just because she or he was having a bad day, I could bet my short that story will make it's way in no time. And yes, lawyers gossips too. Especially in last week case when a lawyer was beaten up by a suspect who was handcuffed but managed to free himself and caused a ruckus when he attacked that particular lawyer who he thought was a politician who had just caused an uproar in Parliament due to his vocal critisicm of the current's government political party. That story was known to all within an hour or so.

Of course men will not admit that they love gossip. I for one will deny it although I am known to do it once in a while. I love watching E! just to know what is going on in Hollywood and a local TV magazine show called Melodi about the latest happenings in the entertainment industry. Once I had the chance to go to a very famous celebrity would-be husband's house. That was 3 months before the husband divorced his then wife and married the celebrity. Their relationship was already strained then. The whole of the next week, each time I met a few of my VIP client, who are mostly men, that was the story which I told them about. They loved it and keep calling me the next one month for any new gossip.

A group of men discussing...

So, the next time you see a discussion by a group of men at the lobby of a hotel, smoking cigar and looking all important, don't believe for one minute that their discussion will make or break a company's bottom line. It may be just about Angelina Jolie's reaction during Jennifer Aniston's presentation at the Oscar...