Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wearing the same shirt

I did a posting once on how a man dressed himself which you can access here which is basically the sniff and wear type of choosing one's wardrobe. Usually it happens when you are a bachelor in which you rarely like to spend money on something not really essential such as washing clothes. When the smell becomes too unbearable, then you either do some washing or yousend it to the laundry.

However, do you ever recycle back what you have worn? Meaning you wore it for an hour or so going for dinner, then you went home then put the back into the wardrobe for future use, as if it is part of the clean laundry?

I have and I am still doing it. Especially if I used it once and then there is no spill or no smell. Nothing makes it any different from the last time you hang it up. I bet the ladies will never do this and it will not just due to what makes an outfit unwearable. I bet it is more about being seen in the same outfit twice.

Hey, we do want to save the earth and all that right? There are perfumes...

So, I am doing it for the sake of the earth