Saturday, April 18, 2009

When was the last time as married men, we choose our own clothings?

As I was growing up, I have seen it repeated countless time when my mother will lay out the clothes for my father to wear and he will just wear whatever that my mother had laid there. I was then trained by her to NOT be like that as I was taught how to wash my own clothes and how to iron those clothes. All this started when I became a boarding school student. Being the last boy in the family with my mother losing hope of finally having a daughter, I was the one that she trained to be at least not a burden to my would be wife, then.

Alas, it was not meant to be. I turned into any testerone filled man who couldn't resist football, ladies and all those bad influences that men had to contend with while living in this world. I turned to the dark side. Even the skill of such basic things such as how to put clothes into the washing machine or hanging them out to dry was lost in the pampering I receive as the man of the house. Only the saving grace of seeing her being tired after cooking made me sign a contract to wash the dishes after.

Even the handkerchief is her choice of colour

As for clothes, I only know my wardrobe for the week when I opened my closet. Sometimes I only knew of some 'lost' shirts being sent off to orphanage or some poor cousin when I couldn't seem to find them and asked her. Sometimes, she just let those shirt she thinks are due for such treatment hangs when the buttons came loose and I asked her to sew it back.

In short, I may buy my own shirt (still!) but I don't control what I wear anymore. 

Anyone else?


  1. THANK YOU!!! I also must say it is very "uncomfortable" shopping for men's underwear with a bunch of women around you all looking for men's underwear for their you know who. I mean you don't see a bunch of men picking up bras and panties and asking for advice in the ladies intimate section, do you?

  2. Behind a successful man is always the most caring wife. Now lady's choices are much better than man when it comes to shopping for attire, and I always submit to my wife with no regrets. Sometimes I do chip in with my opinions. But we always work together fine.

  3. Get your own closet and spend your own money on your own clothes. You're not 10 anymore, are you?

  4. There's a thin line between old-man attire (baggy, high waisted, with ugly color combos or patterns) and "douche" wear (think popped collars, spiked hair with blonde highlights or, basically, anything the Backstreet Boys may have worn). Still, it's worth learning a few things about mens' fashion if only to show that you got a pair worth covering.

  5. Carl - Now I come to think of it, that is so true

    Yeo - Usually I buy my own clothes but she lay it out every week

    Harrison - see my comment to Yeo

    Horatio - see my answer to Yeo and Harrison (and I don't think it is about having balls or not)

  6. I don't lay what my husband needs to wear for the day ... but I do tell him if I don't like what he is wearing.... and yes I shopped for him...hmmmm sounds like I am one of many typical wives then! lol