Sunday, April 12, 2009

How do you sleep at night?

This is not a post about how can you sleep at night after doing something you shouldn't have done or about some of those things which gnaw at your conscience until you can't sleep at night, which I intend to blog about one day in my other blog. This is about how do you actually sleep at night?

I wrote a post once on how my wife is a very heavy sleeper, which you can access here. Although she sleeps like a log, she always has dreams. She will sometimes dreamt about how I will suddenly have another wife or a girlfriend and then she will suddenly be a bit testy early in the morning telling me of how the dream was so vivid that she thought it was for real.

As for me, I am one of those people who like to sleep late but once I am out, I usually sleep a dreamless sleep. You can say I sleep the sleep of the just. That is unless I have a toothache or heavy cough. Which is rare...

I know those few friends of mine during my university days who were either easy or hard to go to sleep. I remember when we have conversations before we go to bed and there are those who sleep even while we were talking. Some even study at 3am as they couldn't sleep.

How DO you sleep at night?


  1. Sleeping come very easy for me. I am also a deep sleep person. I can't be bothered by the barking of dogs, siren or anything loud. I do dreams but I cannot really recall what I have dreamt when i woke up.

  2. sleep dont come easy to me nowadays...perhaps the stress from work

    anyway, i am a light sleeper, any small sound will wake me up...

  3. dulu2 selalu mimpi sama mcm ur wife tu...sampai nangis2 luar mimpi

    skrg tak lagi..dah cuci kaki!