Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The end of my #365 makan project

In 3 days time, I will finally finish filling up the Facebook albums (3 in all) which shows what I had for lunch. This was my entry on 2nd February last year announcing the project : My #365 makan project

It was supposed to be mostly what I eat in Malaysia. However, I went to Jakarta, Mumbai, and Kazakhstan in 2011. I included a few of the lunches I had there and I managed to experience for the first time eating horsemeat (a bit tough but just as yummy) and horse milk (so very sour like drinking vinegar). Some food I ate during lunch like apple, bread and junk food are in the album too. I think I only had one or two buffets. And I relearned how to appreciate rice. How I ate rice the whole year of 2011. Basmathi, briyani and white rice. My rice album is here.

If you are curious what I eat the whole year of 2011 and certain part of 2012, just see these albums on Facebook :

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adult holiday

It is not really of going away with a group of friends but it was a kind of a unique holiday. All of us travel in twos or threes or with our own companion, family or friend. We arrived at the designated area. Did the one thing we have set ourselves to do, which was to celebrate the coming of the new year 2012. Did a few other stuff together, sometimes with only half of the whole group, sometimes just me and my wife, then we fly off separately again. And all are these friends are from Twitter and we are connected through various social media tools. Within minutes and even during the trip, we are already sharing photos and videos of the holiday.

It is unique as we don't need to meet-up in KL, setting the time for the flight so we can travel together, check-in together, wait for everyone to be ready so we can have lunch, dinner and breakfast together, have fights or sulking due to some who does feel he or she not getting his or her money worth and then all the logistical nightmare you have to deal with when dealing with more than 3 people traveling together.

I am so going to do this kind of trip again....

Look at the happy us :