Monday, July 25, 2011

Spin Masters 2 - Generation gap : Tea Dance

I was invited to see the production of Spin Masters 2 at the Zouk KL on one fine Saturday on invitation of the production company, Kyanite TV. It was interesting due to several reasons including that I never seen a reality television production (or maybe any TV production for that matter). The Spin Masters 2 which is has been shown on Astro Hitz and kinda on repeat every day since Wednesday, 20th July 2011 was won by DJ Ramsay (the guy in the green t-shirt in all the photos) from Penang who played an amazing set.

During the event, I was seated among the media and in the middle of it, I had a conversation with a journalist from Fluxxed magazine which covers nightlife events and she was covering the event due to the unique nature of the competition and the main prize being a trip to the Ministry of Sounds in United Kingdom for the winner to spin and show his prowess there for an hour.

When the conversation steered towards tea dance, I immediately feel the generation gap when she asked me "What is tea dance?". I bet not many young Malaysians know what is the concept of tea dance which is quite popular during the 80s and 90s. 

It was an afternoon discotheque sessions which allowed schoolkids in Klang Valley to come into discos (as it was then known and not clubs like what it is known now) and basically have a good time. It will starts around 3pm and would lead up to 7pm, just before the real disco session for adults starts. One of the best well-known discotheque in town was located in the recently announced to-be-taken-down Atria, Picaddily. Picaddilly did try to make a comeback in 2006 but it didn't take off.

From that conversation, I realised that we have moved towards a new era of clubbing with table in the middle of floors and people drinking hard liquor which can never be afforded by schoolchildren. I am not sure whether it is a good thing or just a phase in how to get wasted as fast as possible era.

And from what I heard about tea dance, it is still in existence but nowadays it is serving a different kind of crowd. The maids and construction workers on their day-off on weekends.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Obedient Wives Club wins?

Have you seen this YouTube video which is an evening show called The Evening Edition by BFM Radio? This show is where two or three guests will be interviewed about one topic which can be favoured by both or dissented by both or to make it more interesting, where these guests have opposite views. 

For this particular The Evening Edition, the panel consisted of the Obedient Wife Clubs which was represented by Dr Azalina Dato' Jamaludin, Marina Mahathir who represented Sister in Islam and Dr. Ahmad Farouk Musa from Islamic Renaissance Front. 

Let me put the question which has been debated and made jokes of by the social media community (which you can find through this Twitter link) : Did the Obedient Wives Club win here?

Now, let us look at the debate from a different perspective in point form :
  1.  Is this a debate or an attempt to ridicule a person?
  2. Shouldn't a debate like this has moderator(s) and then the same number of debaters, not one person against FOUR people who attempted to make her see the light?
  3. Isn't Islam a faith? If one doesn't believe in a faith, why must it be question? Did Islam ridicule other people's faith?
  4. Isn't there a bully here who couldn't accept another point of view and was not really debating?
  5. Is the Obedient Wives Club for all or just for Muslim women and is it compulsory to all? Even I lack the one factor in being a male.
As you can see, I am kind of bias in my analysis.If you ask me why, it is simply that I hate a bully (much like those Public Service Announcement in radio stations about how we shouldn't bully people).

Whether I believe in the Obedient Wives Club, that is another question altogether. They have valid points and for would you believe that a majority of my Muslim friends have swayed to believe in the Obedient Wives Club causes. Surprisingly they are hardworking Muslim women who have through a lot when it comes to men.

Most of you will now go "Oh, really?"

Friday, July 1, 2011

Chelsea Football Club Tour 2011

Yes, the Blues is coming to Malaysia this month. Malaysia will be spoilt for choice this July with Liverpool and Arsenal coming to Malaysia and pitting their strength with our Malaysia team, the Harimau Malaya. Thanks to Noobie and Samsung, I am going to get to watch Chelsea play Malaysia at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil  this coming July 21st.

I am not sure which team I will be supporting as I love watching any English Premier League team but I love the resurrected Malaysia team too. The performance by our national team against Taiwan for the Olympic qualifier on 29th June was totally superb. I actually plan to wear a Malaysian jersey while bringing my Chelsea muffler which I bought when I went to watch them play Everton in 2004. That was in fact the only English Premier League I have ever watched.

However, do you know that you can win prizes where you can sit with the Chelsea team during the friendly match thanks to Samsung? Just purchase any Samsung product worth a minimum of RM300 and follow the instruction as stated in the poster above. You can also win tickets to the match.

If you have no idea what Samsung products to buy, here are some example. As you can see, you can get various Chelsea paraphernalia when you purchase these products within the promotion time :