Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My wife is my muse

Before you start to say I am a romantic or something to that effect, have you ever seen a happy muse? Why I say my wife is my muse is due to our adverserial nature. We love arguments. We built our love on argument. We would never say just yes to each other. We would at least say a bit more than we intended and then some. We argued so constantly that people sometimes wonder whether we are in a fight when we are eating at a restaurant or anywhere public. In truth, we are just talking.

My wife does not have a family which is like mine in which everyone has to make a stand in everything that they believe in. Coupled with me being a lawyer, I sometimes get on my wife's nerve in my earlier days of being married to her that she always thought I am too snobbish for my own good (which is true to a certain extent)

So, as I write everyday in these two blogs, the one that you are reading and my other blog - Legal Cat-asthrophe I need as many topics I can get for the postings. And believe me when nearly half of the things that I wrote in there, even some of the legal thing are thanks to her. She really know how to give me ideas and surprised me even with what she knows of certain subject. I do refer certain matters to her expecially on anything to do with insurance as she has been in that industry for nearly close to 20 years but she also give me the best topics to blog about. And as for this blog, nearly all of the posts are dedicated to her...

My Muse...

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