Sunday, April 5, 2009

The bed came down

It was the most embarrassing/funny moment which happened at the most uncomfortable of time. Luckily no one who was hurt except for the bed. Yes, the bed broke while we were on it, while we were in the thick of thing. Nope, the bed is still being use even today. 

I repaired it there and then, using some wood I found in the store and the neighbours had to bear with me hammering away trying to repair the bed at 12.30am. As our walls are thick and we know you can make noises within the house without being overheard  as there were more than a few occasion we saw neighbours talking near their window or having parties within their home but we couldn't hear anything. I repaired it and we were sleeping back on it that same night. No one asked me the next day whether anything was wrong the night before when we came out for work. Maybe the walls are really thick or they just don't want to know why I was hammering in the dead of the night.

That was how passionate we were (and still is). We sometimes look at the bed while we sat at the same position and thought maybe we should move from that part of the bed just in case we are too heavy or something. 

Did we finish it somewhere else? Of course, we have a few other beds in the house and who needs bed when there is the sofa, the kitchen and even the walls... ; )

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