Saturday, July 24, 2010

Off to South Korea!

Rarely do I blog about work in this blog as I have Legal Cat-asthrophe to do that. However, I just wanna say that rarely do I leave my wife anymore due to work commitment. And now I have to as I am the 'perfect' candidate to do it and the potential for more business for my firm will be enormous due to certain people who are only known to me there.

So, as cliche as it sounds, I wanna say to my wife I'm leaving on a jet plane (and hoping to get a jetsetter badge on Foursquare for it) and I will be back as soon as I can. Love ya...

The trip is totally work related and although people like to associate South Korea with cute girls and guys, Korean drama, Samsung, Hyundai and such, mine will still relate to my law profession. Wait for updates when I am back from there on Wednesday.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice was actually a poem?

Taken from wikipedia, this is one depiction of the Sorcerer's Apprentice
Do you even know that the movie Sorcerer's Apprentice which is going to be released next week, directed by Jon Turteltaub, was not an original story? It is from a 1797 Goethe's poem with it's original German name of Der Zauberlehrling and then a guy by the name of Dukas in 1897 made it into a symphonic poem (not sure what that mean but I just love the music). Yes, everyone know about the 1940 short animated film where Mickey Mouse, being the naughty mouse that he is, played with his master's wand and make a mess out of cleaning his house. You can relive a bit of that movie, called Fantasia (thanks to Youtube) :

The scene in the animated short film also made it into the new film by Disney called 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' with Nicholas Cage as Balthazar, the sorcerer, and the guy from She's Out of My League, Jay Baruchel, as Dave, the apprentice. Thanks to advertlets I managed to catch a preview of the movie 7 days before it opens in Malaysia. It was screened at 10.30 am on a Tuesday but there were a lot of reviewers who were there to reviewed it. Reviewing movie seems to be a job now in Malaysia.

"There is no coincidence" seems to be the reason the sorcerer and the apprentice to meet. As the apprentice was found when he was just a kid, the villain was released from his 'prison'. Luckily for the kid, he had to wait 10 years for his master and the villain to be released from another prison.

I actually recommends people to watch this movie as it has action, annoying sounding apprentice which you will root for as he looks cute enough but not that annoying, a villain which is quite cool who is trying to release another voluptous villain who then release another magician (it is quite complicated actually), a connection to Merlin of the King Arthur's lore, a modern magician in the vein of David Blaine who was the villain's accomplice, a reason to believe in magic again, a not so bad looking love interest but cute enough, a cool song being repeated a few times, a cool Tesla coil, and best of all, a not-so-bad Nic Cage unlike in Bangkok Dangerous or his other few forgettable movies.

It is actually a BLAST of a movie! Here's a trailer :

Go watch it when it opens 22nd July 2010.