Friday, April 17, 2009

I have this new song in my mind : 3OH!3's Don't Trust Me

Every other month or week, depending on my mood, I will have this song which seems to stuck on my mind. Usually it is a pop song which being played over and over again until it becomes an overkill. This few weeks, the song by 3OH!3, a group which used the Area Code of Boulder, Colarado, US of A, as it's name, had me cranking up the speaker and singing along in my out of tune voice. 

Usually I will be attracted to a song either for it's infectious melody or it's lyrics. In this case, it was both. Then when I was looking for the lyric in the internet, I found out that it was by the same person who had made songs for Panic at the Disco and such. No wonder they have nearly the same tune and I actually can see how people dance to this song especially the part of "Shush girl, shut your lips, Do the Helen Keller, and talk with your lips..." in which the whole dance floor will raise their hands up to their front and try to gyrate their hips.

That Helen Keller is genius though I bet half of the earth population will googled the words first before understanding what the lyrics require them to do (present company included). And just to shed some light, she is the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor in Art and was an activist. But I will still wonder how can one's tongue be on the inside of some other girl's teeth. That may require some skills....


  1. well, as for me its more like whatever that I've pick up from radio and it became a hit of my own

    like the recent Love Story...

  2. Thanks for the ec drop and ad! I have done the same and accepted your ad too!

    Oh I see you have a follow widget too.. so I invite you to my blog and if you like it you can add me and I add you too. 8)

  3. wahahaha! Gee I was not reading properly.. em my apologies Kruel! So how's your other blogs now? Hee.. Oh my! I'm so embarrassed. I cannot delete my last comment. Erm I think I lack sleep. *blush*


  4. Ha! Nice! I thought your post was great! I wrote about this song too . . . ha!