Saturday, April 11, 2009

The day I fall in love with my wife....

I actually never told this story to anyone and if my wife miss this post, then she may not even know it. Yet...

I didn't fell in love with wife like all those love at first sight stories. It was just a normal love story which of course will be told at least once in this blog. My wife hates certain facts on how she met me but I always tell her, without that facts, we would never have met. So, we are jumping to the front of the story as I still think I am not ready for the story of how we met yet.

The day I fell in love with my wife was one day before I was to solemnise our marriage at the mosque.

That was after we have dated for nearly 3 years. That was after we have been engaged for 4 months. That was when I have known her inside out for quite some time. That was after we already know each other idiosyncracies. When we already knew where we were going to live. Planned our future. Set our goals.

As much as it sounds and may not be the best time for me to only have that feeling then, I believe once you are really made for each other, then you would get that feeling. Some really search their soul when they were on the way to the wedding, either it is in a church, a mosque, their house and all those places where solemnisation take place. Mine, was a bit earlier and when I search my soul, I know she is the one.

I still have that feeling, although we have gone through a lot, together....
And I hope to have it still in years to come...

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