Tuesday, April 21, 2009

His/her scent....

All those perfumes up there. Half of them are mine (that two cats were doing some inspection)

How long I can keep a perfume without finishing a bottle? Since I got married, meaning I still have the perfume which was the gift from my wife (as Malay, we exchange certain things on our wedding day). When did I got married? 2003

As for the other half which are my wife?

Most of them were bought in 2008 and nearly half of them have a quarter or less of the bottle left.

And I am not the only men who does this, it seems...


  1. bro i hope u dont mind i tegur key....the pic u attach i can see you in it.....

  2. Hmm too bad I didnt see the photo with "you" in it. :-)


    been busy this week but pfew! I just finished one blog template to place my links. So hmm I'll introduce her to the "blogworld" in a while.