Monday, April 13, 2009

Men are more trusting of women than women are of men...

If two three post ago, I wrote of the nature of women who has a high pain threshold, now, let us look at another hypothesis of mine. I found this out when watching news and not in my own experience. Would you believe it when a conperson is better off when that person is a woman? She can use her wiles to snag the victim and make him cough up whatever money or property he has. Although there are a lot of men who trust other men as much as women trust cute/beautiful/handsome men, there are a lot of con artist out there who use women as baits.

Let us apply this hypothesis to relationship. Most men will get into a serious relationship trusting the woman they have fallen for. Which means that if the men were to be asked whether they believe their women going to spa when they say they are going to have spa treatment, they will accept it readily. The same if the woman said she is meeting her friend or client and the man in her life rarely think twice about it.

Let the man try to do the same, see whether the woman will be as trusting. Going out for a cigarette will be translated to having a beer or two with your no good friends at one of the bar while a football game is being played on the television. A few people I know will be hard pressed to be able to have a cup of coffee at their favourite stall. 

I read a supposed humourous email in which the man has to fill nearly 50 questions in a questionnaire specifically designed for him to fill if he wants to have a Friday night out with his friends. The woman just have to tell it to the man that she is going out and that is it. Some jokes hit closer to home than others. If women says they are discriminated in workplace and such, I say we also being discriminate in the relationship part of our life. But, I bet this is not going to change anytime soon. Especially with the attitude of men nowadays....


  1. oh yes, my gal has trust issue. been together for more than a year now. however, we're tryin hard to work things out since we're on a long distant relationship which makes it a lil more harder.

  2. Mine is short distant and not that bad