Thursday, April 9, 2009

The importance of open communication

How many times have you heard the need to have an open communication with your partner/spouse? It is about talking to your other half about things that matter from the household expenses to those mundane things such as who is going to throw out the trash and how much make-up does one needs. Of course, top of the list are those things which all couple need to always bear in mind to keep an open communication such as sex, sexual satisfaction and having children.

When you first get to know a person, whether he or she is just a friend or someone more important, you need to find a common ground in which you have interest in. I bet, even the perfect relationship which epitome the opposite attracts will at least have one thing in common. If you cannot even agree on what to eat, just imagine how hard it is for you both to go on dates. Of course everyone has their own favourite food and drinks but at least if you are Asian, no Asian can go without rice within a week. What you put on the rice, is another matter.

How open should the communication between spouses be? In a perfect world, it should be as open as a field in which you talk about anything under the sun. Your hope, your dream, bla, bla, bla. Then you got married or decided to live together. Did you talk about his habit of leaving his clothes all around the house? His farting or snoring? Her toileteries which take up half if not all of the dressing table? Her need to have all those shoes?

As simple as all these things are, some don't talk about it or give up after sometimes. Better not, you are suppose to be in for life, not just until there is no umphhh... in the relationship.

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