Thursday, May 27, 2010

Having a good time with Shrek 4

I felt asleep when I watched Shrek the Third which was a disappointment to me and my wife. It was one of our first free screening as my friend was working in Astro then. We actually were half asleep when we exit the movie theater. 

I did not felt like that at all when I watch Shrek Forever After or Shrek 4. It was in 3-D and it was so good that there was a few 'in-joke' which really tickled me and even though some were not laughing, I did. It was a movie for adult who has the kid still lurking within him or her. If you have kids all around, why complain as movies with talking ogre, talking donkey, a mean gingerbread man and a lying Pinocchio is as much as for adult who understand the ridiculousness of its all but is also for kids who just wanna watch a cartoon movie.

In short, it was a good movie.

With the whole office
I watched it with my staff. We have movie nights now at the office. So, Shrek Forever After was our choice for May 2010. After enjoying the Shrek 4-D ride in Universal Studio in Singapore, I consider it as a great 3D movie. My advice is, go watch it and go watch it in 3D.

Found some scene in the 4D ride a tad familiar in the Shrek 4 movie

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bounty Hunter screening

As a lawyer, I am still asking myself why we still have no bounty hunter in Malaysia. Thanks to Adverlets who held a screening last Tuesday for bloggers, I managed to see a movie on just that subject.

Some say the story and the movie is lame but I beg to differ as the movie managed to dispel a few cliche. You have to see the end of the movie to see that one of the suspected bad guy is not a bad guy at all but was just investigating the case. And as he is a friend of the hero and heroine, it dispel the cliche of best friend are always the bad guy, which happen in a lot of movies nowadays. If in yesteryear, it was always the butler who did it, in movie nowadays, it was always the best friend who did it.

Spoiler Alert

The movie storyline is about a corruption scheme which the character Jennifer Aniston is investigating and then due to a mishap that she was involved earlier, in which she decided to get into a fight with a cop, she had to appear in front of a judge. When she didn't, due to an urgent phone call, the judge whom she was supposed to appear issued a warrant for her arrest and in good old America, a warrant can be executed by a bounty hunter. And that bounty hunter is to be Gerard Butler.

I mentioned to a friend a few days ago, Gerard Butler seem to be teaching men to be bad to their women and they will usually get their women in the end. I know he's handsome and all (to the womenfolk) but he is a bad influence.

Back to the issue of bounty hunter, wouldn't it be a good profession for the folks in Malaysia? And to get an idea what is this profession called Bounty Hunter is all about, why don't you catch it at the nearest cinema.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Glee Kuala Lumpur flashmob at the Gardens Mall

I was there!

And all I did was wait, hangout with a few other observers and then record the whole thing.

Was not going to try to dance as I am a proud two left-feet owner. Here are the Youtube videos that I recorded and the final one is by Joshua Ong which is a blogger I know.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

Shrek's Castle

Waterwold : Bad movie, Good show
Which in another word, my very first time spending a whole day in a theme park. Sadly, it is a fact I have to accept that I never been in a theme park before. Even the popular Malaysian fun fair, which is a smaller version of a theme park, like a traveling carnival in small town, minus the freak show. Maybe my parents were trying to stop me being influenced by all the bad elements which you can find there. Like cotton candy and sudden exhilaration. Whatever the reason, I was deprived of all that you can find in theme park and the roller coaster that I have been on can be counted on one finger.

I am not a big fan of roller coasters and I have no desire or ambition to ride all the roller coasters I encounter but as I had paid S$76 per person for a whole day ticket at Universal Studio Singapore, I was determined to ride all the rides that it has to offer. The only problem was the queue and the rides which were closed due to technical reasons (Battlestar Galactica) or those which will only be opened some time later in the year (Madagascar, a Crate Adventure). That was why I even took the ride on King Julien's Party-Go-Round. Just to experience being a kid again. My wife hates roller-coasters but for love, she went on three of them that day, including Mummy : The Revenge ride which had one part of it a reverse roller coaster ride.....

We went wild buying souvenirs for ourselves (a t-shirt each, our must-have fridge magnets and shot glass). My wife went wild when she saw Betty Boop souvenir shop. As we rarely use all the S$ that we exchange, we have lots of those and if not for the cab fares, we would have spent it all. Although we spent the whole day there and seem to tweet on Twitter that we really had fun there, the real reason we were in Singapore was to watch Chicago the Musical. It was such a sexy show and I was glad to catch it there as a friend who went to watch it in Malaysia in 2007 said that it was quite a different show as in Malaysia the actors had to cover up although the musical is about women being let loose and the law being manipulated like a showbiz.