Thursday, February 25, 2010

Playing with fire....

...which is not an advice these people take to heart as this is what they do every night at this small island called Phi Phi Don, off the coast of Krabi to entertain the mostly Eurasian tourists.

Pictures and videos to be enjoyed :

A girl who tried jumping rope then seen taking a skinny dip later

Fire limbo rock

And we go to see them playing with fire and we may even forget, to some of these guys and girls, this is how they make a living

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cats of Phi Phi Island, Thailand

There were a lot of cats in that 5 days we were there and the pictures I took with each of them serve as memories of them :

Oh ya, one dog picture (looking forlornly, maybe at a cat...)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

KUL - Phuket (HKT) - Phi Phi Island - Krabi (KBV) - KUL

Had a great getaway with my wife last week. We went to Phuket then to Phi Phi Island and finally to Krabi. We actually only transited less than 2 hours in Phuket as I booked an airport transfer to the Ratsada Pier immediately after landing at Phuket airport before we went off to Phi Phi Island.

And yes, I already know what Phuket has to offer as we were actually reliving our honeymoon in 2003 (Yes, we have been married nearly that long). When we went to Phuket and Phi Phi Island in 2003, we actually stayed in Phuket longer than Phi Phi Island and we actually love Phi Phi Island more. So, this is the reason for the trip. Of course, we also wanted to see what had the devastation the tsunami of 2004 done to the island.

So, I booked AirAsia as I want to have the flexibility of landing in Phuket, go to Phi Phi and fly off from Krabi (Malaysia Airline does not has any flight from Krabi). It was a great trip and we did not even went off the island the whole time although Maya Beach (of the Beach, starring Leornado DiCaprio fame) was just a hop away. It can even be seen from Phi Phi Don which is the island we were on.

It was a time where I will wake up at 7am, while it was still dark and walk along the beach, watching the sunset. In the three days we were there, I walked once alone and twice with my wife. Then, on the second day, I climbed a place they called the Phi Phi Island Viewpoint. The view was spectacular as you can see 2 sides of the island from that place and it look more like a dumbbell more than anything.

In that 3 days, I went up twice and my ankles were hurting, so I did what all who went to Thailand do. Get a massage....

Then, there were the seafood, which were so cheap....and fresh...

In short, we had a REAL holiday where we were cut off (by choice) from the real world, except when I was uploading pictures on Facebook, which you can access here.

Will post a few headings on things you can find in Phi Phi Island and wrap it with my 2 days 1 night in Krabi before flying off to Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Revive 'Rev-Up' Party with Advertlets bloggers

I was not originally on the list of the bloggers who are supposed to tag along for this exclusive event. However, I am SOOOOO..... glad that I went to see what is all the hooplas about as the event was fun and opportunities also present itself where I managed to make a fool out of myself by acting out some scene out of Titanic and E.T.

Before the event, Josh Lim and his team consisting of Hanie and Rebecca were kind enough to treat all the bloggers to some Papa John's pizzas. 

That is Josh Lim and Hanie
 Smashpop with his camera looking proud with it

One of the pizza

 When there are bloggers...

Most of the bloggers that day before the Revive event

At the event which was held at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound, we were pleasently surprised that they have set-up booths for us to take pictures. There must be someone who told them that social media people love to camwhore. 

 The place


Then there was Hanie who is game for anything involving a camera

Evo of and his girl

The gift bags with some coasters, a Revive Isotonic drink, noisemakers and a few other goodies

The sign says it all

 Inside, there were a few awards for those who have been working real hard showing how they thought about revive. The winning RM5000 person deserves it as he had captured the word REVIVE really well. There were DJs who got cheques who gave it to charity like Aznil who was giving away some of his money to a boy who will be losing his sight if nothing is done to save it. Basically, as this partay was a Facebook party, they did try to emulate what you do in Facebook into the real world like poking, hugging, mafia wars which were interspersed with entertainment by the like of Dina and Ferhat, among others
In short, IT WAS REALLY FUN!!!!

 KL Stomper was performing when I went in

JJ of was tired (he said then) but is all smile in this photo

Dina performing

One of the award given out

The winner gets RM5000!

Hey are a few links of those who already done a blog post on this event. Look out for my face in some of their photos :

To see the whole event, go to Revive Isotonic page in Facebook here and the party pictures here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A unique birthday cake for a unique birthday girl

My business partner celebrated her birthday on 1st of February and as a surprise, I asked my neighbour who is a prominent cake maker to bake a special cake. We were holding an event at the legal firm that day and it was an apt event to celebrate the birthday too.

It was supposed to be a replica of a lady's shoe but try as he might (yes, he is a man), he just couldn't make the shoe to stand as I asked her to use an image of a 4-inch stiletto I downloaded from website as a sample.

Finally, he called me and asked me whether I have an alternative as a substitute to the shoes. We did discussed beforehand when I commissioned him the cake. He did say that a handbag is easier to do than a shoe. I asked him to try then but as the time grows nearer, I finally relented and agree to a handbag cake.

So, the final product is the cake below which is delicious according to the birthday girl (I was too absorbed with the event that I forgotten to taste it). As the cake was a pro bono effort (which I really appreciate), I am promoting my friend who is open to taking order of such cake again.

Visit his blog site at : Wonderful Touch by Dill Cake