Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Malaysia Social Media Chambers

I was a part of a collective who organised the Malaysia Social Media Week 2012 which was held between 13th and 17th February 2012. We are known as Malaysia Social Media Chambers which is currently in the midst of being registered with the Registrar of Society. It is a collective of people who are active in social media and all are welcome. 

Currently we have a few like-minded people like Stephen Doss (@stephendoss), Christopher Tock (@spinzer), Anis Nabilah (@anis_nabilah) and Altimet (@altimet), among others. They have their own reputation on social media. If you are on Twitter or at least Facebook, you should know them. Discover them by joining the Chambers.

The Malaysia Social Media Week or MSMW 2012, as it was known, was held at Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur and a few other venues within Kuala Lumpur. There were a Social Media Week Summit, social media games like Social-Poly, Gadgets Galore and even a launchpad showcase at Zebra Square where applications developer pitch their ideas to would-be investors.

As success goes, the event may not be the knocking-on-the-door-trying-to-get-seats type of events but we did try. We promoted the event nearly everywhere, which kind of ironic because personally I would have thought we may want to stick to social media channels next time we hold a social media events. However, the idea was to get people to join social media even if they are NOT on social media. You can't deny the fact that traditional media still hold power over certain demographic of Malaysia populations.

We will be hosting Malaysia Social Media Week 2013 next year and what we want to know is what to improve on any shortcomings that had occurred during the event. We still have the Social Media Awards Night 2012 to look forward to for the best of social media to come out and receive their awards for the social media contribution. Here are the Social Media Awards winners list.

And even if your comments are about there is no need for Social Media Chambers in Malaysia, can you at least give a reason why....