Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Miss parked/wrong parking

Have you ever seen guys adjusting themselves as if something is wrong somewhere down there? That is when they got excited and the position of their pole need to be adjusted. It happens a lot as the position of their manhood may be at an uncomfortable position unlike when it was not as straight as when they are excited.

When it happen, there are a lot of 'uncomfortableness' for the men that it require some adjustment on his clothes to hide the fact that his boy is up. Usually, if situation permits, they will try to get to a safe place like the Gents or somewhere safe, then they will let their pants down to do the 'adjustment'.

If they are somewhere where they cannot be in private, that is where each man creativity comes into play. The hand in the pants' pocket while looking uninterested will be the best choice. 

All this will be easier if you were going commando like I explained in my earlier post. Missed it? Access it here.

Me? Never have THAT problem and I can reach it easily

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