Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dream car(s)

As I was posting the event where I attended on 31.3.09 in my other blog - Legal Cat-asthrophe where Ferrari and Maseratti were showcased as their showroom were launched in an event to mark the coming of F1 season in Malaysia, I was just thinking about my relationship with cars. I am not the type who marry their car as the second wife where I would treat them special like a woman. I would buy a car, use it and then send it for service accordingly. I don't cry if there is a scratch on my car or send it for buffing and waxing every single week. Or pull a tarpauline over it at night. As much as I appreciate the prices of certain cars, I still belive they are just that. A car.

So, yesterday, I was thinking, if ever I have the money to but one of this supposedly most desired brand on earth, will I change?

Will I suddenly cannot see anyone leaning over it to take a picture as who sees Ferrari everyday? (unless you are an owner of course). Will I sleep in it if I have to? Will I stare at it with loving eyes as if she will whisper back to me sweet nothings?

I am actually already driving my dream car as I promised myself I will be contented in life when I drove one. And to tell you the truth, all cars which is supposed to change your world once you own it, are overrated. Some dreams are there just to make you work harder....


  1. You should start changing your dream to environment friendly cars. Soon these high fuel consumption cars will be eliminated.

  2. Maybe not yet, unless the F1 is obsolete

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