Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cool Monalisa painting illusion

Was at the Marketplace of Creative in Kazakhstan when I keep seeing people stopping by at a corner and circling something in front of them. When I went to look I realised it is quite a cool thing to see. A painting which use the Monalisa but made out of something which makes it visually stunning. I am not sure which artist from the many at the World Islamic Economic Forum did it. Here have a look :

Cool right?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tis bug called travel

Almaty, Kazakhstan town from the air
I love to travel. However, it does takes stretched the limited resources that I have especially when I travel to too many places within a short period of time. The resources are not just money but time and relationship too. As a business owner, your time at the office or at least within the vicinity of your office can help business gets done and problem solved. As someone who runs an office full of staff, though the responsibilities of managing it are divided with my business partner, we are always in the office if we are in Kuala Lumpur.

The Tian-Shen mountain range, Kazakhstan
The latest out of suitcase living for the past 2 months is my latest adventure in travel. As Ramadhan is near and my wife's sister is going to get married the end of this year (and the engagement is this month), I may not travel anywhere for the next few months. 

Mumbai old town
 Let me count the places I have been this past months. I went to Mumbai in early May, Jakarta at the end of May and in early June until nearly middle of the month, I was in Kazakhstan. I may not be as well-traveled as some of my friends who work and travel to foreign countries at the drop of a hat. Some just literally lives out of their suitcases with their spouses or drivers passing them clean clothes in newly-packed  luggage at the airports without them seeing the inside of their house for more than a month. At least, I travel as I please, and at my own device.

Blue Mountain, near Sydney, Australia
I don't think I will stop traveling though as much as traveling may tire me like no other hobby. I do travel within Malaysia when I have the time. I am also planning to take the car and travel within Malaysia to places I have never been to for quite a while. As much as you think you have seen it all, I always believe there are more to explore.

Ikan Bakar, Teluk Tempoyak, Penang
Any suggestion of places within West Malaysia any one of you think I should go? Especially where there's good food?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Horse meat in Kazakhstan

Am here for the 7th World Islamic Economic Forum and what better way to know a country but to try their food. So, horse meat is famous in Kazakhstan and I tried so many of dishes made from horse meat. Here are some of them :

Horse milk and camel milk (It taste rather sour. very sour)

Horse Meat Kurdiyak and Lamb with rice n spices

Pronounced sheatbread though not sure its real spelling

 Horse meat kebab

Besbarmak (horsemeat ++) and pasta dough and potato