Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In the buff

...another way to put it, being naked at the comfort of your own home. Bedroom?

It begs the question, how comfortable are you with your own body that you are willing to walk around naked especially if you are living with only your wife and your small kids. Recommended if you are newly married and you know that you will be at it in no time from the last 2 hours. I think being naked whenever you feel like it is not a given thing in all household. Of course, there are those who live with their parents or have kids who are growing up, but the question begging to be answered is will you be naked 24-7, except for a few occasion if you are given a chance. Not a nudist colony but just with your loved one.

In my bachelor days I remember when among friends we joked that when we are married we would ask our other half to always be ready and naked every time they enter the house. When we did get married, it doesn't so easy, huh...

Maybe this is again a TMI posting but just for the record, some of the postings I posted before does not necessarily something that I do but sometimes are just observations of things that people do.

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