Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sleeping beauty

My wife is a heavy sleeper since forever. She can sleep through an earthquake, which did happened once while I was in Indonesia due to a business trip. She also had the capability to sleep through me coming home late at night and I was always worried that she might accidently put the chain-lock on the door and I might have to sleep outside (she does worry about what time I came back sometimes but that is a worry she has to live with)

That one time that an earthquake hit a Sumatran island but the tremor was felt in my house in Shah Alam, my sister-in-law was keeping her company and she was awaken from her sleep by the quake. As she was sleeping in the other room, she thought it was a poltergeist shaking her bed. She ran to our room and my wife was fast asleep. My wife just raised her head without actually being awake. Only in the next day did my wife was told of what had happened.

I am not complaining of my wife's easeness of sleeping or of her being a heavy sleeper. It was just something that was ingrained in her since her teenage life. I wish I am a heavy sleeper as she is sometimes. Especially during certain times when my cat, Jelly, which is currently in her going-in-and-out-through-our-master bedroom-bathroom-window-late-at-night-and-meowing-loudly-while-doing-so phase. My wife did say it is her superpower ability.

At least I don't have to get up by myself at 3am, then 4am, then 6am, which was when I am supposed to get up anyway but there is still 30 minutes of darkness before the sun really rise. Maybe I just build a trap door for her to go in and out....

Or maybe if I can achive what my wife has been doing for quite sometimes...

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  1. Sleeping is a will worry when you sleep less...