Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Middle of Ramadhan

The middle of Ramadhan in the year 2010 or 1431 Hijrah has just past us. 

How has your Ramadhan been so far?

I managed to do all my terawikh with other fellow Muslims, except for 2 nights. Had a few buka puasa with families. Had a few buka puasas with friends.

Still managed to do a few new deals for my firms. Managed to meet my social media friends too on a few occasions.

And just can't wait to spend most of my Eid holiday in London.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

After 7 years on...

8th August 2010 - Our 7th years anniversary. It was just a quiet affair of sort for the 2 of us. I did rejected a few invites to events and meet-ups to make sure we spent it together.

How do we celebrate? 

We checked ourselves into a hotel in town, go eat at another hotel, went watch Cuci the Musical with another couple and then had another dinner at another delicious restaurant. We bought a matching something, something to commemorate our 7 years of being together. You will see what that something is when you meet us next.

Wagyu beef at Shook!, Starhill Gallery

Duck and Lychee Salad (which is surprisingly yummy) at Tamarind Hill

Why a quiet affair? We are planning a longer trip somewhere far on the second day of Eidul Fitri as a real getaway.

Consider it our umpteenth honeymoon....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Have a great Ramadhan!

It is again upon us which some will agree to be one of the best month to be living in Malaysia. The fasting month is not just something Muslims are waiting but those who have seen or experienced the Bazaar Ramadhan in Malaysia, they will know why all Malaysians love the fasting month.


For my fellow Malaysians, HAVE A GREAT MAKAN MONTH!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Honda Freed Bloggers Day Out

It was a beautiful HOT Saturday on 31st July 2010 and I was one of the bloggers given the chance to test drive the new Honda Freed. It is already in the Malaysia market since April 2010 but I haven't seen too many of them on the road or I might just miss them. However, as a Honda Accord owner, being invited to test drive another Honda, albeit of a different segment and different target market, it was something I wouldn't miss.

So, thanks to ADVERTLETS, where their post can be read in that link, on 31st July, although I was a bit tired from traveling just 2 days before that, I just can't resist the invitation. So, there I was, on a Saturday, a day I always wake up no earlier than 10am, I was one of the bloggers to arrive at Souled-Out cafe in Hartamas.

How was the drive? For a car like that, I consider it as a value for money as I would compare Honda Freed to a few other mini-MPV out there especially with their automatic double side-doors as you can see here : 

What other features that they offer with this car? Here are some pictures that I took to show what you can expect from the Honda Freed :

Some feature like the pedal brake for handbrake is very much a surprise as it is a standard for car like Mercedes. It comes only in one choice of 1.5E and a souped-up Modulo fitted kit. The former is priced at RM112,980-00 on-the-road with insurance and the Musolo is priced at RM115,118-00.

On the day itself, we drove to Putrajaya from Souled-Out Cafe then back where we went took pictures and had fun. Paul Tan and Harvinder Singh from shared tips on how to evaluate cars. The competition of best pictures which we took using Polaroid given to us made it more fun. Just look at how much fun we had :

Honda Malaysia bigwig


Esther happily posing

Our picnic supply is provided for

At Putrajaya toll

Stopping to change driver

Scenic bridge

Chris and Esther having fun (taking pictures ler!)

Some of the pictures we took


Look how many Spinzer can fit

Someone is posing ala Megan Fox style

Don't wanna change driver!

As fun as it was, on a serious side, Honda seems to manage to come out with another winner. Like these winners who won the competition that we had that day.

Winner for best fuel consuption

Winner for best group picture

Add caption

Winning picture

Individual winner for best picture (Congratz Wilson who is in my group)

So, that was our day out. It was fun and we had new knowledge on how to evaluate a car other than just a test drive around the block. And it was nice to spend time with old and new friends alike.

Monday, August 2, 2010

South Korean are crazier than us!

I thought when we are always complimented or more like commented by foreigners (mostly Westerners) that we are mad to always go out at night just to eat, we hold the record as a mad nation of eaters who just couldn't get enough of eating (and shopping). Every time I go to Europe or England when the only after hour activity is going to the local pub or theater (which finish at 11pm the most), I always think that we win hands down when it come to after-hour activity. Then, I had the chance to visit South Korea due to work last week.

I consider them as mad as us in having activities which people normally do during day-time. They have more than 10 malls at Dangdaemon which opens from 10.30am to 4.30am (Yes, that is right, until wee hour of the morning) and all shops are in full swing when I went into them at 2am. And yes, unlike us here in Malaysia, which have street vendors selling until 3am, they are in Malls with proper air-conditioned halls and most are 5-storeys  high.

The Dongdaemon area

One of the many malls which opens until late

Clothes being sold all over the malls

The opening and closing time of the mall (0430 hrs)

Buying ramen noodles at 2am

These Koreans are crazy!