Friday, April 10, 2009

Women have a higher pain threshold than men

This is just a theory that I develop. I have a lot of them lying around and as I have a blog, I would like to put it out and see whether people would accept my contention or not. As the heading says, I believe women have a higher pain threshold than men. Why, you say?

I say this because they experience pain a lot more than men. We men only experience pain when we get into an accident or in something which we know can cause us pain. We play games like football and rugby in which we rush headlong into excrutiating pain and we love every minute of it. We get into a fight and idolise wrestlers who know how to "Bring on the pain!!!" although all those we see are staged. We drive fast and know the consequences of our foolishness. We do all this and then more. 

As for women, they have to experience a lot of pain although they are just some plain jane. The menses that they have to accept as a way of life will wreck havoc some of their schedule, to say the least. They will experience stomach cramps and other cramps in various parts of their body. Then if they get married, the pain of giving birth is said to be as bad as anything you can imagine. Then they allow themselves to be processed under beauty regime which is supposed to make them beautiful. They poke holes here and there. They go through various treatment to be thin, to be beautiful and to some, just to be accepted as normal. Then, of course, there is the sex. I think you can say the early part of sex life of a woman will be more painful than of a man.

So, that is my theory. Anyone disagree with this?


  1. Good post. Many of us only realize this fact quite late in our manhood. It's after we learned to love and treasure our woman more, that we understood just how much they have suffered for the family.

  2. this one i got to agree with you

    yes women has better pain threshold ...look at the pain they endure to while doing the facial thingy, where your face will be PINCH and POKE at for every each pimples and I bet that any guy will scream in EVERY POKE AND PINCH...

    next, giving birth! nuff said

    plus, under stress and pressure, research did find out that woman handles better than man, i've yet to test on this ... :D

  3. because woman focus on the emotional pain and men focus on the physical.

  4. i tot doing the beauty treatment can be consider as 'sendiri carik sakit',like we playing,tak boleh kata ianya sebagai sakit orang perempuan,cuz not all women doing that.
    and sakit bersalin is the mother of all pain after sakit mati.


  5. Yeo - sometimes, too late to appreciate them

    Lisa - Rite on, and thanks for what you did for us (on behalf of all the man)

    Kujie - This one is about the real physical pain, you do more than us

    j - beauty tu betul lah tapi part bersalin tu tak leh nak sangkal kan

  6. Hilariously incorrect blog post and comments.

    Just google 'women feel more pain' and you will find dozens of science and news articles saying that not only do they feel pain at lower levels, but they are less able to cope with it metally.

    The articles that think women have a higher threshold are all opinion pieces like this

  7. Men have a higher pain threshold, they're naturally less sensitive, also, men do more crazy, pain-filled things so they actually go through more pain, esp. with kidney stones, which hurt more then birth most of the time, and men get them like 4x more then women. Also men are able to cope with it better, women just whine and cry for nothing.

  8. Do you even TRY to see if there is any information available on a subject before you post your own egocentric opinion on something?

    You are painfully wrong, beyond any threshold of tolerance.

    Really, just look it up!