Monday, April 20, 2009

U 2 huh?

What the hell were they thinking? Building a futuristic looking building in a town like Dublin? I thought any places in United Kingdom (yes, yes, I know Ireland is not England, but they are a part of Great Britain) are supposed to have buildings which is not supposed to be as funny looking as what U2 Tower will looks like. Hmmm...., maybe I am wrong.

Having a brand new album nowadays called No Line on the Horizon with a cover album looking like this :


do make the buliding project seems apt right? I mean, a building being build near a dock and is going to be one of Dublin's new landmark.

U2 was also one of my subject in my other blog, which is a business blog, which you can access here about how in business sometimes people really are just playing around but manage to make millions if not billions. U2 were forms by school kids playing instruments and now look where they are.

Even their nickname are cool. And now, they have a BUILDING?


  1. The U2 tower will generate much more income for Ireland , sooner they resume the building process the better !

  2. I guess I didn't realise that. Good for them if it makes money for Ireland