Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clean down there

Let us talk about hygiene for a while. Hygiene especially for that part of your body which you rarely show anybody else. Heck, if you are a woman, you couldn't even see it properly unless you use a mirror. What I mean is more on the hair that grows down there to show that you have come of age and need to be trimmed every other week to look clean. 

Unlike those days in the 70s where most let their pubic area to be full of hair, nowadays the trend is to be clean of hair down there that 'strip club' or saloons is a must for everyone who is everyone. To understand the business of these strip club you can get educated on it in a few episodes of Californication where Duchovny's character has an agent whose wife is a stripper as in those who clean people's hair down there. From the explanation and the scene that was shown, it seems that the business is not as easy or as glamorous or even as attractive (for the straight men who want to be in this line of business). Maybe you can equate it to the gynaecologist who is always thought to be the luckiest man alive.

I have friend who did the trimming and the shaving of his partner's pubic hair for her and that is a sort of their foreplay in a certain ways. They will usually start off by lathering the area, and he will shave one side before moving to the other side and then he will finish it off with the labia area. Then....you get the picture (that is after he make sure that there is no residual shaving foam, of course). For us men, it is easy with us being able to see and do our own trimming. Maybe that is why Brazilian wax are done by another and cannot be done by the woman herself.

Maybe some will think this matter is to personal but in Islam, the trimming of pubic hair is asked for of men and women as it will be unhygienic if kept as it is. So, as much as trimming down there is about being attractive and may even make you sexually attractive, it is important enough to be a matter of discussion.

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