Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How a man dress himself

Once, before I was married, choosing what to wear was easy.

Sniff and wear.

That was the way how men choose their wardrobe for that day.

Regardless of whether there were some unidentifiable stain or some crumbs on the clothing or the shirt was on the floor in the room.

And regardless of how they tell you that they have cleaned themselves or they smell manly with their after-shave, try smelling their shirt really, really close like you are trying to kiss it. There will be this underlying smell underneath it. Yes, just like the Shakira's song "Underneath Your Clothes".

I thought it was only men who do this, until I saw the video of a local beauty who was seen parading in her house with nothing on and her clothes piled up high throughout her house.

Hmmm... Beauty with a man's habit. What a turn-off...

Or was she waiting for her maid to come to clean all the dirty laundry?

Of all the bad habit that she wanted to pick, it was the dirty laundry habit.

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