Monday, April 6, 2009

Just like a boy

I have this one person in my office whose sex is female but is more manly in her demeanor than any man I ever know. She likes to sit in ways that can be described as unbecoming of a lady, talks loudly and even sometimes belch like a guy.

We sometimes make fun of her just trying to send her a message that she should be more womanly or at least act like a girl. As her superior she sometimes scowls at me when I commented on these attitude of hers. Just to make a point we even asked her once what her sexual orientation is. It is more in jest than anything.

Then last two month we got a card from her inviting us for her wedding. It is not such a surprise as we knew that she had gotten engaged three months before that. We did say to her not to bully her husband and when she had married him but still talks to him as if to a friend more than her husband we said she should try to talk to him more like a wife. Again, the scowl.

No, I am not trying to say I discriminate against my employee but it's just that I am amaze at her way of behaving like a manly woman though she is all woman, sexual preference included. Do you ever have friends or colleagues who is such?


  1. my housemate dulu ada juga macam ni,
    keras macam kayu dan bert-shirt dan La Gear

    dialah orang terawal sekali yang berkahwin!

  2. I once knew a guy who I thought was a gay since he is so polite, well-mannered, gentle and smartly-dressed everytime. He is now romantically and happily married and got 2 beautiful children. One of my friend even 'menyesal' tak try to hit on him dulu. Hehehe... :P

    Never judge a book by its cover I all of this love thingy is very subjective, some girls would love to have a soft spoken guy but some would prefer a more masculine one. And vice versa...