Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How can they kiss upon waking up?

A question which has always been in my wife's and my mind is how can those couple in movies especially Western movies can wake up, either early in the morning or whatever time after they had sex and fallen asleep, then kissed? Not just have more sex but really kiss as if they both have sweet smelling breath? Can people really do that in real life? I mean, who in the world has nice breath after sleeping. Even if you are sleeping for a few minutes. However great you look.

Is there such things in real life? I mean, please tell me, maybe I am wrong, maybe there are people out there who have sweet smelling breath who live somewhere in a country where people who are also sweet smelling in everywhere in other body parts too.

p/s - I know the trick of having mints by the bedside, etc, etc, if you think I am too naive to realised that...


  1. Well, I can safely answer that we've been married for over ten years now, and, not to be disgusting, there's probably very little that would interfere with my kissing my wife. Perhaps after having kids we tend to become more immune to anything "bodily" or what non-parents in general would consider yucky, not to say we're not clean, I'm a neat freak and will sanitize the world of germs if I get the chance...but kissing the wife, anytime, day or night. :)

  2. LOL! Now which blog should I follow from you? Maybe all?! I guess if both were drunk and still have that "drowsiness in them" they can kiss. I had that once and I really didn't smell anything (he said he didnt too) and we kissed erotically until we... "did" it again. mmmm....

  3. depend where u want to land yr kizz ~ non sensitive body parts i.e cheek, forehead, eyes, hair, hands etc...okay. but lipz?tongue? 'down under'?...hmmph? i think men hv no prblm wit that...women? they can list zrillion of items just not to let that happen...correct me if i'm wrong.

  4. Different strokes for different folks...