Saturday, March 7, 2009


I watched the Sex and the City movie starring the one hit series phenom Sarah Jessica Parker and her 3 other has-been-who-gets-a-second-life actresses thanks to this series on TV and now a movie. The theme is about being forgiving. I really think they nail it in 2/3 of the movie until all these unforgiving persons suddenly had an enlighten moment and forgave each other. You see, in real life, I say all that is just bull-shit.

In real life, the women will forever be hurtful and will rather be alone (and like Cameron Diaz character said in Something About Mary - "There's the vibrator to keep me company") than forgive the (fill in the space with as many expletives that you want). Being forgiving is not an option. Being revengeful is...especially if there is another woman after. You want a REAL movie about love in the big city, watch the Break-up with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan. Now, that is a real revengeful, unforgiving movie. Which is the real life played on the big screen.

Why is it when a man make a mistake, the woman will never consider to forgive him until it is too late. He meet another woman or he moves on and the woman will just keep on saying she actually loves him but she was betrayed or what he did was unforgivable. If it is the woman who makes a mistake, unless the man is a deranged lunatic, which is always the case nowadays, the man can look deep into himself and forgive her. From what I know, it is alawys about the man having another woman in his life or some other factor which relates to his unfulfill sexual needs. Either it is too much or too little of it.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to say men are always at fault or women are never to blame. This post is about being forgiving and I believe all need to learn on how to do it properly. Forgiving can still be done without letting the one who did the wrong into your life. It will make you at peace with yourself. Try it. It may be the best thing you ever done...


  1. sebenarnya ego perempuan lebih besar dr lelaki tetapi sebab kita dah masak dgn pujukan...tak merajuk tak feminin lah kononnn...

    tapi betul tu....dia salah ke kita salah..selalu dia yang mengalah!

    erk...Pengakuan ini tidak perlu bersumpah.

  2. Itu pun ttg ego pompuan ni saya nak tulis. Tungguuuu.....