Saturday, March 21, 2009


In my opinion, there are two types of maneater. One is those who is known to look for wealthy man, date them and take them for all they are worth. Some even marry these men before dumping them if the men seem to run out of cash. What they really want is the alimony and the settlement. The one who does not 'do' marriage  and just want to have some fun, either having someone who they can rely on to foot their bill but who they don't give full access to their 'treasure' or those who believes their body is not the temple that they should keep to themselves. Of course, men usually love the second type better than the first one.

Some of them do have profession or other things to do. Some of them are just students. Some are just 'born' to be one of them. Some sometimes have jobs which relates to the high sexual expectation of their suitors like guest relation 'officer' or better known as GRO here in Malaysia, those which allow them to use their place of business as the place for them to pick up their targets. There are of course others who are just like any other girls and they cannot be labelled as such but they sure have been around the block once or twice or thrice. 

The second type of meneater are those who I would like to call the tigress. They will bite your head off if you approach them or think that they care about what you are feeling or that you want to date them. They will not give you the time of the day even if you are the macho type of man with flashy car and enough cash to buy them anything they want. Especially of you are that type. 

Once, I was attracted to these type of women and I still have a soft spot for these type of women as in I know when I meet these ladies on occasions. They speak their mind. Don't blink if you dare to stare them in their eyes and you can bet your ass they are the one who wears the pants in a relationship.

An example : Angelina Jolie

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