Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eating habit

Those who are close to me knows that I have a weird eating habit. My wife sometimes have go back to her mother's or in certain occasion partnered with my own mother to eat certain type of food, especially certain Malay food. Don't get me wrong, I am a full blooded Malay that the only foreign blood in my vein are those of  my ancestors who can be traced back to Sumatra. That was what I was told. 

My weird eating habit may be due to how I was brought up. As I was living with my grandmother for three years, she never didn't allow me to eat anything I want. If I want some instant noodle, she will cook it, even early in the morning. I don't like fish except for pomfret, then I always get chicken for meals. I hated vegetables and would try to throw it from my plate so she didn't cook any if I was eating alone. In short I was a spoilt brat.

Nowadays, these eating habit still stuck with me. I don't eat rice every day. I can sometimes go to not eat rice for weeks. This is rare for Asian and Malaysian. Some of my friends, be them Malay, Chinese or Indian, consider not eating rice as not eating at all. They don't feel they have eaten anything unless they have rice. For me, I would rather eat some bread or just a steak or even whatever dish my wife wanted to try to cook.

I think the most unforgivable of my eating habit is me not eating durian. A delicacies all South East Asian people enjoys. For me, I was bullied when I was kid by my brothers who tried to get me to eat some but I never gave in. And to make people baffled some more of this fact is that my mother owns a durian orchard and I can choose the best durian among a bunch of them. To appease them, I usually take some of my friends there when the durian season comes around.

And to make matter worse, durian is my wife favourite fruit and she has to clean her teeth properly everytime she has some. Hmmm... I think that is one thing I will never change for her.



  1. Awww, I'm a durian lover! Give me your durian orchard! lol!!

  2. rugi giler tak mkn durian.....hahahha.....
    its sound wired when man dont like to eat rice...i dont eat rice when i'm on diet

  3. I'll invite you all when the fruits are in season ok