Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pretty maids in a row

The Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 contestant in their lingerie

Was given a free entrance to see a glorified model search called the Malaysia Dream Girl yesterday. I have never actually been to any event which have the title 'beauty pageant' although I did get invitations among others to the Malaysia Miss Universe pageant last year. After seeing this one, having to wait for them to change and having to endure party games which were hosted by radio deejays (or are they called announcers now?) whose voice actually is not that great but has the luck of being picked as one. It may be their a mile a minute talks which made them what they are today. Never mind if what they say is not even worth mentioning.

As it was an event where you can watched online as it is tout as the first ever online reality series, you can check it out at MALAYSIA DREAMGIRL. I was expecting nothing groundbreaking or worthwhile going there and that was what I got. As it was also the first bloggers event that I ever attended to the fullest, I was dissapointed that we were just there to act as a media representative, which the email sent to us should have mentioned rather than expecting.

The girls did come out in the first instance in lingerie sponsored by Wacoal and that did make the crowd goes while but each time any one of them speak, what came out are squeaks. If the Idol competition is supposed to ask the question "Is this the one which represent Americe/Australia/Malaysia/-insert country here-" when you vote for any one of them, the question that which should have been asked of us is "Is this the girl that you dream of when you go to sleep?". Sadly, it is just another modeling competition. Maybe they will only be the stuff of dream after they have won as there can be only one dream girl. Oh, wait, it is already in its second season, surely now there are going to be two.

Here is another picture and the rest I'll post tomorrow in a real reporting style writing....

In their cheong sam


  1. ada orang tu ....dapat dalam mimpi pun cukuplah!

  2. 'Dapat' dalam mimpi tu apa maksudnya ya?