Friday, March 27, 2009

Surprise messages

I am currently reading a book where a mother loved to leave messages for her son in various places.It reminded me of my own experience in relation to surprise messages. I travelled extensively between 2002 and 2004 as during that time I was one of a member of two entourages for these clients of mine who always travel abroad on business. 

Within that period I have been to China, Dubai, London, Europe, countries around South East Asia and Australia. I nearly went to the Americas but the cost gave pause to the person who wanted to sponsor me for that trip. Oh, I never had to pay a sen for all these trips. I even got some pocket money for them.

Anyway, after 2003, which is the year I was married, it became a point of contention between my wife and I. One trip to China, I had to be away for nearly 2 weeks. She was not really happy about it. In the long run she kind of accept it as part and parcel of my job. 

On more than one occasion, she surprised me with a few secret message stashed in various parts of my luggage. The messages itself were full of sexy connotations but the wrapping most of them came in were another matter altogether. If not for having roommates as I usually shared a room with somebody, it would have been fully utilised (hmmm...maybe I did utilised it once)

Thinking about it make me want to go back to those times....