Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How stuffed can one be?

Last week I had an out of body experience and a trip down memory lane when I had dinner one night but was so stuffed until the next day. The food was Arabian and I shared it with my wife. It was a big meal as only the Arabs can. The problem is we ordered like we were eating western food. That means we ordered a starter before the main course. Big mistake.

How did we managed to stuffed ourselves? We went out early at 7pm. We arrived at the Le Meridien hotel which housed the restaurant at 8pm in which we proceed to the maitre'd to try to get a table. The name of the restaurant was Al Nafourah. Although I read somewhere the place is always fully booked, I did not make any reservation. Maybe it was our lucky day when the maitre'd straight away bring us to a table for two. 

Upon sitting, we took a few minute to go through it's menu and we decided to call the waiter to help us in ordering. He suggested a set of three starters which includes a plate of hummus (whipped chick pea), a salad with some crispy chips (I think the name was Muhammarah) and a plate of tabbouleh. For the main course, we ordered a mixed grill to share. We also asked for two type of flat round bread, which includes a pita and a flatter version, which I forgot it's name. It were sent at a commendable period and as we ate these starters, a lady came out entertaining us with belly dancing. Note the word 'lady' to show my muted excitement.

These are just the starters

Anyway, after we were stuffing ourselves with this starters, I asked for the menu again just out of curiosity. Although in my mind I know the order was more than enough, I ordered a plate of fried calamari. Needless to say, all the starters were superb and we finished all of them.Then the plate of mixed grilled was served right before the calamari. We started on it without stopping. There was some grilled lamb, frilled chicken and meats. The lamb and meat were passable but the chicken was superb. Halfway, we started to feel stuffed. We talked to the waiter and told him maybe we packed it up in a doggy bag. He told us there's a no take home policy. He said we surely could finished it as they close quite late. 

We enjoyed another belly dancing performance at 10.30pm and it took us another half hour before we managed to finished all of our food. In the end, we were really stuffed. I ordered some Lebanese tea and as I was drinking that we called for the bill. As the title said, it was about stuffing oneself. I remember when I was a kid, I sometimes told my mom I was still not hungry during the day, especially morning, if we had a big dinner the day before. This time, it happened to me during my adult years. I was not hungry well until it was 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I was so stuffed that I did not feel hungry at all through breakfast and lunch. Now I know how it felt to be so full...

The said belly dancers showing her skills


  1. tapi cerita kau ni membuatkan aku jadi lapar!

  2. Dalam Bahasa Inggeris, stuffed tu kan melantak sampai tak sedar diri... dan memang sedap pun makanan dia tapi kena ingat diri sikit