Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was so tired last night that I was already half-asleep when I hit the sack.

My wife pickep up the book that I tossed on the middle of the bed and paged through it before she decided that she was tired too. She switched off the light on her side.

"Darling, would you marry another person if I died?" she opened the can of worms.

Without having to think and with thousands of years of evolution and survival skill, I answered :

"Of course not"

But she knew I am an honest person, so I added :

"I won't know what the future holds for me. If I found somebody..." I let it trail

"Then, who's gonna watch over the cat..." she let it go.

The conversation was brought by the fact that one of her office colleague died yesterday as her colleague, a lady with 3 kids were riding pillion with her husband and was involved in an accident. My wife's whole office went for her funeral and I think it affected her seeing her children arriving and kissing her mother before being laid to rest.

I know its no joking matter but I just want to make a point. There is no man or woman for that matter who can promise that he or she will not take another lover/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/companion when he or she is left alone after his/her husband or wife dies. Even my uncle who is already nearly 60 years old just got married when my auntie dies. And he is not someone who philander around...

Basically, as much as I love my wife, I may, just may, fall in love again. After all, I am just human...


  1. You really such a honest person.. I solute you man~~ :)

  2. Being honest does not mean I'm nice. Still a man who sometimes thinks with his ...