Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another reality show to satisfy the masses

The Club : Mist
I was given the opportunity to cover the first public appearance of the Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 which is currently being shown online at in which you can vote for your favourite girl to be the next model? I actually don't know the motive of the event except that it involves girl and they are required to model. Having Andrews Model as one of its sponsor which will give the winner a portfolio seems to make it as such.
 It starts at 8pm and the DJ, Double D, who is a friend, did a great job the whole night

The show from the girls start with them showing off some lingerie from Wacoal. Their new range call sorci age are more like those corset-like underwear which supposedly to be shown off. Even the host/judge Elain Daly was wearing one the whole night. Wacoal was kind enough to give the RM1000-00 to the best girl who showed of their ware. And it was won by Ming (the second picture)

Then they were showing us the hardwares from HP and Intel. All of them actually look ill at ease as they have these laptops and handphone (which company of the two produce them?) and they have to use their creativity to show what they are holding to the audiences.

HP current netbooks which they used in the show

Then they come out in dresses :

In Cheong-sam

  And finally in evening dresses designed by Lim Kok Wing students

The whole show was hosted by Elaine Daly and supported by Fly FM deejays Jules and Prem. During one of the intervals, they called up 6 men to do catwalks down the runaway and 6 ladies to pole dance using real human poles. 

All in all it was just like any normal fashion show with the girls trying to vie the attention of the people to vote for them as the votes will determine whether they stay or not. As for me, I still have not catch the reality show bug yet so I am just going to stick to Fringe and Dollhouse for my entertainment. 


  1. not bad, you got the chance to check it out :)

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